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What’s next for start-ups?


With the speed of business innovation increasing, we look to the future for Australian SMBs The small business landscape is changing incredibly quickly, and nowhere is that more apparent than in the world of start-ups. With a host of incubators, angel investors and pleas for funding to get great ideas off the ground, coupled with an extraordinary number of people fighting for those dollars, it can be an extremely difficult minefield to navigate. So this month, we decided to peer into the crystal ball a little to see if we … more »

Are VoIP phones secure?


Everyone’s talking about cyber security – so we asked the question ‘how secure is VoIP telephony?’ Every week, it seems, there’s another hack or cyber attack that proves just how hard it can be to secure your data. The biggest of the more recent hacks was the release of a tranche of malware – computer programs that are used to gain access to remote systems or bypass in-built security measures. The worst part of that particular hack was that the malware is almost certainly the property of the US National … more »

Business Insurance


Is your small business adequately covered, or are you running the huge risk of being uninsured? Insurance is one of those tricky things to get right – especially if you’re running your own business, which is a time consuming endeavour. That’s why it’s actually quite easy for things to ‘slip through the cracks’ – especially when it’s something you only generally need to think about once a year, like insurance. It’s also very easy to fall into the trap of setting up an insurance policy, ticking the box that makes … more »

Top Tips for Tax Time


It’s that dreaded time of year for small business owners – but rest assured, we’ve got some great tips to help you get through tax time with a minimum of fuss. Tax time – two words that strike fear into the hearts of a lot of Australian small business owners. It’s a time of paper trails, frantic hunts for receipts and oftened accompanied by late nights and that terrible feeling in the pit of your stomach that you’ve forgotten something vital. However, tax time doesn’t need to be stressful at … more »

Print’s Not Dead!


Despite the drive towards digital, the reality is that many small businesses rely on print every day. The big buzz in small business these days is the move towards digital business practices, and how it’s changing the landscape. However, there’s one aspect of business that is incredibly important to most small businesses, and it’s something that has been getting lost in all of the digital noise. Print is still a vital channel for SMBs, in terms of marketing and other elements – and, of course, as much as we would … more »

Canon releases Next Gen devices


Canon Australia has announced the release of its next generation multifunctional devices, called the imageRUNNER ADVANCE C5500i Series. The series consists of four, colour A3 multifunction devices, which Canon says will “enhance productivity through intelligent document workflows, provide an intuitive user experience and address the total cost of print across an organisation”. Gavin Gomes, newly appointed Director for Canon Business Services said our next generation devices are built on an award-winning imageRUNNER ADVANCE platform. “These multifunctional devices will boost efficiency and help deliver on digital transformation strategies of Australian businesses,” … more »

Online Marketing

Marketing your small business can be a difficult road to navigate – and the recent upswing in digital marketing avenues has muddied the water for a lot of SMB owners. Here’s how to get it right. It’s no great shock to most small business owners that getting your marketing activities right – and making the most of every opportunity – is vitally important to the success of your business. And in years gone by, the more traditional aspects of marketing your goods and services was a fairly static playing field, … more »

Digital Disruptors

Business is changing, and the call from the big winners is that the world needs revolution, not evolution, in order to get ahead. The term digital disruption is one of those catchphrases that gets thrown around quite a lot these days – and for very good reason… and that’s because it has become the basis of a number of the very best business models and inventions we’ve seen over the past few years. Indeed, it’s become so pervasively used, that in one of his first public statements after becoming Australian … more »

Digital transformation

One in five small businesses doesn’t have a digital transformation strategy in place. Here’s why it’s important to you, and your business, to have one The quest to get small business owners on the path to a digital future has sometimes been something of an uphill battle, despite the obvious benefits that come with making the switch. Traditionally, small business owners have cited a number of reasons for ‘keeping things the way they are’, including the cost of purchasing new equipment, training staff how to use it and the old … more »

Office Space

If it’s time to get more serious about your small business, it could be time to start thinking about setting up your own office. Here’s how… The dream of every small business owner is to achieve growth. Indeed, there’s nothing more satisfying than the feeling that comes with watching your hard work pay off, and your business start to expand. But what happens when your business gets too big to run from home? It’s hard to look and sound professional when your business is all taking place from the spare … more »

Network Relationship Management

The world of business-to-business communication is changing rapidly – and there’s a new player in the market that looks set to disrupt the way we all do business, forever.  Arguably one of the most important tools for business is being able to communicate clearly and effectively – and that has been something that technological advances have driven for hundreds of years. Despite the speed at which those advances are happening, communication issues are still at the heart of a lot of business process problems, and email has been identified as … more »

Crafting a Culture

The importance of cultural fit when hiring staff should never be overlooked, writes Christine Khor We don’t just work in order to pay the bills. If that were true, we’d be happy to do any kind of work for any kind of company, provided it covered our living expenses. But work plays a much larger role in our lives and our identities, causing us to care about what, how and where we do it. This is where culture comes into the equation. A workplace’s culture is the union of a … more »

Time-Poor and Stressed?

There are ways to reclaim your time and reduce stress levels effectively, writes Dr Jenny Brockis Do you ever wish you could ‘turn back time’ as Cher lamented in her song? One of the worst things about feeling time-poor is the impact it has on our thinking skills. The more we worry about missing that important deadline, handing in an assignment on time or working past midnight to catch up on a project, the poorer our overall performance. We may have the capability to undertake the task at hand, but … more »

Canon scores two top BLI awards


Buyers Laboratory has chosen two Canon products for top honours in its 2016 awards Canon has announced that Buyers Laboratory Inc, a US-based, independent office products testing facility, has awarded two of its products with coveted awards for 2016. The two products are Canon’s imageRUNNER Advance C3320 Series, which won the “pick” prize for “Outstanding 20-ppm A3 Colour MFP”, and the Canon imageRUNNER Advance C5250, which won “2016 A3 MFP Line of the Year”. Speaking about the C3320 Series, UK Lab Manager Martin Soane said: “Its impressive reliability performance, complemented … more »

Entrepreneur – Jason Cubit

43-year-old Jason Cubit has turned his entrepreneurial spirit into a mission to alleviate housing stress for low-income earners in Queensland. What’s the name of your company, and what do you do? Horizon Housing (Horizon) is a not-for-profit charity formed for the specific purpose of alleviating housing stress among home owners and tenants on or below average income levels. We support the community by providing a variety of social and affordable housing programs and products such as community housing, affordable rental housing and development, and key worker housing in regional communities. … more »

Entrepreneur – Magic Barclay

For Melbourne-based Magic Barclay, finding a niche in a crowded market was crucial to her success   What’s the name of your company, and what do you do? My company is called The MAGIC System, and we teach people (mainly women aged 35-60), how to love themselves and unveil the person they want to be without carrying the excess weight that has been haunting them for some time. The outcome of my programs and workshops is to empower people to see them selves as valuable individuals (separate to their weight … more »

Counting your Beans

One of the toughest things to get right in small business is your accounting. Here’s how you can choose the right software package to suit your needs, and keep the dollars rolling in Keeping any small business on track financially is a big ask for many business owners – especially if your business is booming and you find yourself taking care of the day-to-day stuff, and leaving the accounts ‘until tomorrow… or the end of the week…’. It’s okay – we’ve all done it, and it’s the kind of mistake … more »

Ready to start up?

  There are five big questions to ask yourself before you get your start-up moving, writes Alan Manly   We’ve all heard about the risks of starting up a business. Often people who are starting up gain encouragement from well-meaning friends enthusing about how experienced and skilled the start-up candidate is. Kind words can perhaps unintentionally disarm an entrepreneur into believing that it is obvious they will succeed. So before you turn your great idea into a business, there are some tough questions you need to ask yourself. The time … more »

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