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Getting comfortable with the “f word”

Business needs to reconnect with its feelings to drive performance, cure writes Anna-Lucia Mackay If there is one word in business that makes people roll their eyes – it’s the f word! Not the swear word – that’s common and almost welcomed in business – far worse is that dreaded word feelings! The word that makes many people at work wince and squirm – and feel generally uncomfortable. The word which often pre-empts illogical, ambiguous, and unpredictable behaviour. The word most busy people just don’t have time for in this … more »

Are you Cloud-Ready?

It’s been one of the biggest changes to the way we do business in the past ten years – but where is cloud technology taking us? It wasn’t all that long ago that the term ‘cloud computing’ was coined – indeed, viagra approved it’s still a bit of a mystery to a lot of people in the small business sector. But for those in the know, hospital and those who have taken advantage of everything that the cloud has to offer, it’s been an absolute game-changer in the way that … more »

Good Coach, Bad Coach

How to spot a dodgy coach and things to ask to make sure you work with the best In Australia life coaching and business coaching is unregulated. Anyone can set themselves up as a life or business coach and charge exorbitant fees for trying to help people achieve goals or desires in their personal or professional lives. At the same time, purchase the coaching industry is booming. As our desire to find fulfillment in all areas of our lives increases with people such as Tony Robbins and Dr Phil telling … more »

From Law to Eco-Commerce

During maternity leave, Brisbane-based Janina Byrne took a chance on an eco-friendly import company, and hasn’t looked back. What’s the name of your company, and what do you do? My company is called EnviroTrend Pty Ltd, and it designs, creates, imports and distributes a range of ecofriendly products as well as compact and practical products for shopping, travel and leisure. How long have you been in business? We’ve been in business for seven years. Prior to that, I was working as a solicitor. How did the idea for your business … more »

Telling Tales of Success

The latest trend in business is bringing storytelling to your organisation. Here’s how it works, more about writes Gabrielle Dolan. Storytelling is the new black in business today and many organisations are considering how they introduce the concept. The key to success with business storytelling lies in implementing it strategically throughout your organisation and ensuring it is true to your purpose and values. Strategic storytelling involves four stages: 1. Equipping your leaders and influencers with the skill 2. Capturing stories 3. Sharing stories 4. Generating stories Authenticity is at the … more »

More Ransomware About!

If the ever-increasing list of ‘things to worry about for your small business’ isn’t growing fast enough, mind then the latest McAfee Labs Threats Report from Intel should send shivers up your spine: our old enemy, health ‘Ransomware’, is on the rise again – along with a couple of new threat vectors, each designed to disrupt, destroy or even steal your small business. In the first quarter of 2015, the report says, new ransomware surged 165%, “largely due to proliferation of the CTB-Locker family and its “affiliate” program, a new … more »

Consulting to the Corporates

For Melbourne-based Gabrielle Dolan, dosage leaving the banking sector to focus on thought leadership and the promotion of women in business has been extremely fulfilling. What’s the name of your company, and what do you do? My company is called Gabrielle Dolan Consulting, and it focuses on three specific areas: Business Storytelling, which I have been doing for ten years. When I first started, the concept of storytelling in business was very foreign but now it is rightly consider a key business skill and leadership competency. Thought Leadership in organisations. … more »

Is being a CEO crashing your brain?

As any small or medium-sized business owner can tell you, unhealthy it can be a very stressful line of work to be in. So it should come as no surprise that a recent survey from the Positive Psychology Institute found that “significant and disturbing levels of psychological distress are being found in executives, with mental health issues more than double that of the general population and 37.9% of executives showing symptoms that may be consistent with depression, anxiety, somatisation, phobia or paranoia”. That, of course, is the bad news. The … more »

Dealing with bad feedback

Dealing with negative feedback doesn’t need to be a negative experience, visit writes Stefan Kazakis How you treat your customers is very important. This is an aspect of business that I love. I get pumped about this every day. Doing things with your customers that are above and beyond is a very cool thing to do. A Customer Delight Culture in your business. It’s hugely important. Without customers your business is nothing, viagra even if you have the greatest products or services in the world. If people aren’t buying, you … more »

Business XChange transforms success

Gold Coast businessman Pete Nicholls is out to improve customer service standards and help small businesses grow Australia-wide, pharm following the launch on July 1 of the Localtag Business XChange, which Nicholls says will help businesses avoid the pitfall of spending money on unnecessary marketing in order to make for an inferior product or customer experience. Nicholls is bringing a process that large corporates like Telstra, Apple stores and American Express have used for years, called the Net Promoter System (NPS). It uses a series of questions, such as “On … more »

Step outside the sponsorship cycle

The old school tie for too long has provided closed-door encouragement and a leg up to those identified as having talent in some shape or form, story writes Janine Garner. The uncertain future and fast moving business landscape that we are all now experiencing is demanding a change to the established norm. We need to embrace diversity to future-proof our businesses, click leaders and careers. Breaking through the old school tie network is never going to be easy, but collaboratively we can work towards a resolution. Sowing the seeds of … more »

Successful safety for SMBs

Most business owners recognise the importance of good Occupational Health and Safety practice, page writes Ashley Seigel. Whether it be from a legal, pill ethical, or cost perspective – ensuring the health and safety of personnel is essential to the operation of a successful business. The cornerstone to practicing successful OHS is the business’s OHS or Safety Plan. Often, this will be first thing that a workplace inspector on a site visit will ask to see. A strong OHS plan will detail how the business will meet its obligations as … more »

Five deadly investor sins

A sharp business plan will impress potential investors, but the risk for the investor is not always in the plan but in the people who are going to implement it. more »

Digital Marketing for SMBs

Marketing your small business can be a difficult road to navigate – and the recent upswing in digital marketing avenues has muddied the water for a lot of SMB owners. Here’s how to get it right. It’s no great shock to most small business owners that getting your marketing activities right – and making the most of every opportunity – is vitally important to the success of your business. And in years gone by, information pills the more traditional aspects of marketing your goods and services was a fairly static … more »

$2000 Cashback Offer from HP

Do you want to make the most of the small business package announced in the 2015 Budget? It’s time to talk to HP – and get yourself $500 cash back for every $5000 you spend. Small business owners around the country are cheering, viagra dosage following the announcement of the Accelerated Depreciation scheme in this year’s budget – which offers all small businesses the chance to immediately access a tax deduction for any individual assets that they buy for the business, for less than $20,000. There’s absolutely no doubt that … more »

Get Ready for Tax Time

When it comes to tax time, link there’s nothing better than being organised. Here’s how to make sure you’re ready to talk to the taxman. The end of the financial year is often a very stressful time for small business owners. If you’re unprepared, viagra order you might even find yourself trying to cram an entire year’s worth of paperwork into a series of increasingly late nights, in a last-minute dash to have everything ready for the taxman. The good news is that even if you have left it all … more »

Get your business insurance right

It’s an often-overlooked part of running a small business, abortion but insurance is too big of an issue to ignore. As any small business owner will tell you, running your own business is a time-consuming endeavour. That’s why it’s actually quite easy for things to ‘slip through the cracks’ – especially when it’s something you only generally need to think about once a year, like insurance.   It’s also very easy to fall into the trap of setting up an insurance policy, ticking the box that makes payments a set-and-forget … more »

Time for Trade Shows

Trade Shows or Expos, doctor call them what you will – but they are a mainstay of targeted marketing and networking. Should you be taking your small business to a trade show? Every year around Australia, try there are countless trade shows that take place, each with their own niche interests and markets. They’re a means for companies within a specific industry can come together and showcase the latest and greatest advancements in that particular field… but, of course, everyone knows that. But have you considered that a trade show … more »

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