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David Braue

No Yelling


When the guys from No Yelling Driving School wanted to rank higher on Google, they figured they could do it themselves. more »

How to improve SEO


Making sure you rank as high as possible in search results is crucial, but so is doing it the right way. more »

Setting up an online store


These days, savvy business owners know they have to be online or risk being elbowed out of their markets altogether. more »

The state of online retail


Getting noticed in the increasingly-cluttered online environment can be particularly challenging – particularly for new startups. more »

Case Study – ChemMart Pharmacy


As owner of the first business in Australia to be connected to the NBN, Stephen Love has seen the good and the bad of the new project better than anybody. more »

Do you need the NBN?


Far away from the furious political debate, Australia’s biggest ever civil infrastructure project is already helping real small businesses. more »

Case study – Point Project

Michael Snare and Brendan Bilston.

Point Project Management has a number of high profile clients and recently migrated its staff to iPhones. more »

Wireless is more

Wireless is more

Going wireless is a good way to cut down on office cabling, though there are a few security issues to consider. more »

Top 20 free software programs

top 20 free software applications

To help you save money on software, Nett has catalogued 20 free applications that small businesses swear by. more »

Carbon tax and small business

small business of carbon

While they’ve heard the political debate over the carbon tax, many small business owners are still unsure of exactly what was passed on November 8. more »

The real deal on storage

Data storage

Backing up your important business files is a task often neglected, but failing to do so can have severe consequences. more »

When to upgrade?

The art of letting go

Forking over the cash to keep your business computers up-to-date can be painful, but it can also be timed to perfection. more »

Make mobility technologies work for you

making mobility technolgies work for you

Despite their consumer appeal, treat mobile technologies like the iPad are beginning to deliver even more game-changing functionality as small businesses use them to catapult themselves into the new era of mobility. The key challenge for hire car company Acorn Rentals was giving field staff access to its central database, a Filemaker-based system that tracks all vehicles and relevant details. In the past, drug drivers would drop off a car, then fill out carbon-paper forms and enter the information into the database when they got back to the office. But … more »

The battle for online security


The only certainties in life are death and taxes, pilule Mark Twain is apocryphally reported as having said. Had he made his statement in the modern age, he might have also mentioned malware. Two decades into the age of the internet, the incidence of online nasties continues to grow every year – forcing even the smallest company to stay ever-vigilant against a vast array of potential security threats It’s a battle that’s easy to lose, even if you’ve taken what seem to be extensive measures to protect your IT environment. … more »

The small business cloud

Cloud computing can be a convenient and efficient way of managing your business's financial records and customer databases, clinic but it could also save you considerable strife in the event of a data disaster. There’s never a good time for someone to drive through the front of your office, price but John Clarke thanks his lucky stars that when it happened – on a wet night in August 2009 – there was nobody in the office to get hurt. That, however, was the end of his good luck that night. … more »

Untangling your communications

Despite the chatter around unified comms, viagra many offices are still tangled up in traditional landlines. David Braue investigates whether it is time to answer the call. Like any company working in project management, everyday life at the Communications Design and Management (CDM) office is a hotbed of activity. Projects are managed from offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra – each with around 50 staff who spend more time at client sites than they do at their own. “Some people start here, come in for orientation day, and then … more »

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