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Nathan Statz

Bill shock

Every small business owner has to pay bills, but that doesn’t mean you have to pay more than necessary. more »

Saving secrets

Whether it’s that thrifty mate of yours that has the accountant that’s just a little fancier than yours, or a fellow business owner that just seems to have the knack for squeezing the last penny out of suppliers, there’s always someone that’s a little bit better. more »

Protecting your business from theft


Despite the fact that the nightly television news bulletins are full of crime reports, and that break-ins and incidents of theft are so common that they hardly make the news anymore unless they are unusually brutal, most people take the attitude that it won’t happen to them. more »

Hosting a business conference


Ask someone what the best business conference is that they have attended and you’re likely to hear about how good the food was at one event, or how great a keynote was at another. more »

Setting up a network


Your internet connection is often taken for granted until the moment it goes down, but you can avoid this sticky situation. more »

Social media disasters


Some of the largest social media disasters made headlines around the world, but there are lessons to be learned. more »

How to get media coverage


Rather than paying for a public relations campaign, you can use Sourcebottle to get your business in the paper or on TV. more »

How to price your goods or services

When you first start a business there are a plethora of books and guides, but it can be hard to peg exactly what dollar value to assign to your product or service. more »

Do you need PR?

Before signing on the dotted line with a public relations firm, seek you need to be absolutely sure it is worth the money. Hiring a public relations (PR) firm is expensive. There’s no getting around that fact. Depending on the size and scale of the campaign, see you are paying someone (or a team of someones) to push your product and service to journalists to try and get your brand into the media. There is a direct way of doing this that doesn’t involve a public relations professional – it’s … more »

Choosing a broadband provider

As the internet has grown up, so too has the technology. No longer do you hear the screeching and metallic whirrs of the dial-up modem connection sound. more »

Getting more Facebook Likes


Getting people to like you is a concept that was around long before the internet – anyone that spent more than a couple of hours in the playground at school can tell you that. more »

Australians downloaded 34% more in the last 3 months of the year

The ABS has released its latest Internet Activity report, which has shown the number of internet subscribers in Australia has grown by 5% in the last year to 12.2 million. more »

Superannuation changes

After months of speculation, the Federal Government finally revealed the changes it is making to superannuation. more »

Tablets for business


We went in search of business owners that had asked that question and decided to try out a tablet to help run their business. more »

Startup incubators


Incubators are usually associated with raising chickens or growing moulds in a dusty laboratory. When it comes to startups, the idea is the same – helping things to grow in a controlled environment – but the aim isn’t to replace a hen or to grow a new strain of penicillin. more »

VoIP for small business


It is rare that the concept of an internet-based telephone is a head-scratcher for business owners… more »

Marketing silliness


When you think of marketing campaigns, usually the first thing that springs to mind is the cost, and then what kind of exposure your business will get out of it. more »

Google study sheds light on mobile search


A new Google study has found that 55% of mobile searches that resulted in a conversion happened in less than an hour. more »

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