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Good business culture

ffoBusiness culture. It can be good, order it can be bad and it all goes hand in hand with work-life balance. No matter what field you’re working in; marketing, this site franchising, construction or even beauty, a positive business ethos is essential and something that is too often forgotten or left on the back-burner.

My experience in business, whether in marketing, advertising or franchising, proves that an organisation without clear direction and purpose has pretty much set themselves up for failure. When everything is said and done, you might have the most amazing management team and dedicated staff, but an overarching good business culture is paramount to the success of your organisation.

There’s plenty of studies out there to show why good company culture is important; it can influence everything from employee engagement, through to your hiring prospects, employee retention rate and ultimately your sales figures. But what does a good business culture look like?

The answer is as simple as it is complex, but essentially it boils down to what works for your company. For example, some businesses will place a high value on innovation, while others will need to focus on strong processes. For some it will be all about fast growth, some will value risk-takers and others require rule followers.

It can be a difficult concept to nail down, but think about what makes your organisation tick. What makes your team want to work for you? Are they driven by the same goals to grow your business? What makes clients want to work with you, and what do they say about you when you’re not in the room?

You need to carefully consider the primary objectives of your brand so that you can easily communicate this to your team. There’s no point embarking on a journey if you don’t have a destination in mind.

For Franchised Food Company, we have a built a business around fun; feel-good treats and small delights and it shows in the way we manage every aspect of our business, even down to our head office, where we have Cold Rock Ice Cream available to our staff.

Of course, we need to have rules and processes, but by adding a touch of fun into the everyday we are not only committed to bringing smiles to the faces of our customers, but to our entire team.

We also place a strong value on recognising our high performers; encouraging their growth and celebrating their successes. Everyone is part of the same team and I personally take great pride in helping our team develop in a hands o’ environment. It’s a sure-fire way to ensure your business grows just the way you’ve set out!

It’s not going to be the right fit for everyone – that’s one of the challenges of running a business. However making good choices about the team you have around you, and reinforcing the things that are important to your company means you can develop a strong business culture that isn’t simply words framed on a boardroom wall. Instead it can permeate every aspect of your organisation.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and certainly not by one person. So if, as an organization, you’re all on the same page then you are set up solidly to take on challenges as a team. Go fourth and conquer.

Stan Gordon is the CEO of Franchised Food Company; the umbrella company incorporating the brands Cold Rock Ice Creamery, Mr Whippy, Pretzel World and Nutshack.


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