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Starting a home-based business

samanthahurstBeing your own boss is a dream that many people hope to achieve but few will actually able to achieve. If you wish to be your own boss and earn your living from your lounge room, cialis 40mg there are things you can do to make it easier to manage your time and your work so that you can earn the money you want.

Set up your office

It’s important to make sure you create a space that is conducive to working and keep it as a working space. While it may seem like a romantic notion to work on your couch every day in your pajamas, ed it may not be the best situation. If you have a room, or even just part of one, to set up as your working area you are more likely to be motivated to work there than get distracted from all the things that say ‘home’ to you. Having a place that looks and feels like a work area will give you the psychological push to actually get things accomplished. Getting dressed as opposed to staying in pajamas or other extremely casual clothing will also get you in a working frame of mind where you are likely to be more productive.

Set your rules

Set yourself a definite working schedule that you stick to and don’t let your family or friends intrude on that time. It can be very tempting for the people in your life to see you working at home to mean that you are available for whatever they need whenever they need it. So be sure to set clear guidelines right from the start. Let your family know that just because you are at home, that doesn’t mean you have time to do their errands, talk on the phone, cook or care for children. If you are firm with this resolution, people will get the picture and understand that when you are working, you are working, regardless of where you are and they won’t try to take advantage of your time, even inadvertently. Be consistent with your time and family and friends will know what to expect and you will create good working habits for yourself as well.

Set your schedule

Make your work area a clearly delineated area where work and home life do not mingle. One of the easiest ways to get off track when you are working or end up working when you are trying to be at home is to have a loosely defined space and schedule. Have a routine that signals to yourself as well as your family that you are either getting ready to work or finishing work. It can be as simple as going through motions to shut down your office space, turning off the computer, closing the door if you have one and leaving the work behind for the night.

Samantha Hurst has built up and sold several online businesses and now runs a business consultancy called Click Start Digital.

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