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Why you should use email marketing

stevesmitHey, you don’t know it yet but you are sitting on a goldmine. I want to you do a little exercise. I want you to do a quick count of:

•    Every active client or customer you have.
•    Every inactive client or customer.
•    Everyone who has responded to your marketing in the last three months.
•    Everyone who you tried to sell something to but didn’t buy.
•    Everyone who you have met through business in the last three months.
•    Every enquiry that never got back to you.

What’s the final count?

Instead of spending money advertising to get [insert your count of new clients from your last ad here], what about doing something with the [insert count of contacts from above here] that have already spoken with you.

When was the last time you communicated with those people who you have already talked to? Have you informed them about something that would interest or help them? Have you offered them something that they may be interested in buying? Have you told them about something else that you do (I doubt they really know everything you offer) or have you even just let them know you are still alive.

Let me give you a real world example. In the past months, these are the opportunities that have been created from correspondence I send out in my email newsletters:

•    An old client called up to see about restarting coaching.
•    Another old client called up to enquire about sales training.
•    Another contact organised two speaking opportunities for me to be in front of over a hundred of people.
•    I’ve had a referral come to me that had a copy of the newsletter in front of them.

Here is the part I like. Total Cost = $0.00

Don’t get hung up on getting it perfect, just get something out there, after all these people already know you. Get Moving. Email your database, offer them something and inform them about something, or just let them know you are still alive. If you say that you don’t have their contact or email details. Then step number one is to set your business up to get this information every time.

Steve Smit is a business coach and the founder of Reality Consulting.

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