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Domain name registration adds $475 million to Australian economy

Australian domain names (using ‘.au’) contributed $474.7 million to the economy last financial year, according to a new report from Deloitte Access Economics.

Deloitte’s probe found that 60,000 new domain names are being registered each month, compared to just 6,552 back in December 2002. The sector employs 4,330 people in full-time work, and pays out $275.7 million each year in wages.

Back in August of 2011, there were 2.18 million domain names registered in Australia. The most popular type of domain was, with 85% of registrations, followed by with 10.99% and with 2.33%, with minor extension types making up the remainder.

The majority of domain names were registered by companies, with 53% of all registrations, followed by personal websites (in the ‘other’ category) with 18%, sole traders with 14%, registered businesses with 11%, partnerships with 2% and non-profits with 1%.

The industry with the weakest web presence was agriculture, forestry and fishing, with only 11% of businesses in that sector having a domain. Transport, postal and warehousing also posted a poor result with 22%.

Large corporations were more likely to have a website, according to the report, with 90% of companies with over 200 employees having a presence on the internet. This was followed by businesses of between 20 and 199 employees, with 71% having registered a domain. Smaller businesses posted worse results, with 51% of those with 5-19 employees having a website and just 29% of businesses with 0-4 employees having registered a name.

City dwellers were also found to be more interested in websites, with 80% of domain registrations being made in large metropolitan areas.

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