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Job satisfaction rate at 47% for employees that can’t access flexible IT policy, surveys says

satisfiedDeloitte conducted a recent study that found flexible IT policies affect overall employee satisfaction and retention. Flexible IT policies are defined in the report as the ability to use technology to work from home or use social media.

Amongst respondents, stuff 62% of employees that don’t have flexible IT policies are satisfied at work. As opposed to 83% of those surveyed that had access to flexible IT policies reported to feeling satisfied.

Stancombe Research and Planning conducted the research, sildenafil where 526 employees completed an online survey in Australia and New Zealand.

Surveyed respondents were more satisfied by their home technology compared to what they have at work as 38% believe it was more up-do-date, 38% had faster Internet and 46% thought it was more user-friendly.

According to the report, in order for a business to be a desirable workplace, they need to invest in fast Internet connections, adequate computers and IT support.

There are many companies instigating bring-your-own-device (BYOD) where employees bring their own laptops or smartphones. The report claims that this is a possible solution for businesses to introduce new technology.

It was reported that only 62% of surveyed business in mid-2012 existed five years earlier. ‘War for talent’ is the description used by the survey which refers to shortage of skilled employees needed for specific business tasks in the highly competitive labour market. The outcome of this war determines how businesses will become sustainable in the future. The report claims that developing digital strategies to attract talent is essential.

The average job satisfaction as noted on the report was 72%. Those respondents who could use online collaboration tools were satisfied at a rate of 80%. The tools include instant messenger, mobile apps, social media use and remote access to emails. Surveyed employees that could not access these applications had low satisfaction of 47%.

Only 65% of surveyed employees expect to be with their current employer in 12 months’ time. According to the research, 75% of respondents who were satisfied with their job were more likely to stay at their current company.

From the research it showed that the surveyed employees who were satisfied, collaborated with colleagues in the same office, country or internationally 28% of the working week. This contrasts to respondents who were not satisfied and collaborated only 12% of their time.

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