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Apple reveals new operating systems and updated products


Apple has released new operating systems for its mobile devices and Macs and updated products at the annual WorldWide Developer Conference in San Francisco. iOS 7 was launched with a new interface, abortion features and apps for mobile users. A new version of its OS X Mavericks is in development and Apple claims it will have 200 new features on its Mac devices. MacBook Air has been updated to feature up to 12 hours of battery life. Apple has redesigned Mac Pro with a cylindrical structure encasing a unified thermal … more »

Bring your own technology

Ashleigh Swayn

You can hardly fail to notice the profusion of tablet devices hitting the market just in time for Christmas. more »

Apple launches iPad Mini and iPad 4


Apple has launched the iPad Mini – a slimmed-down version of the company’s flagship tablet device – and the iPad 4. more »

Apple iPhone 5 Australia launch

iPhone 5

Apple has launched its iPhone 5 in Australia before the rest of the world, but not without some controversy. more »

Case study – Point Project

Michael Snare and Brendan Bilston.

Point Project Management has a number of high profile clients and recently migrated its staff to iPhones. more »

27 per cent of mobile users browse online shopping sites at least once per day, survey says


A new report found that 27% of respondents visit an online retail site with their mobile device at least once a day. more »

App: MagicalPad

magicalpad app

Yet another addition to the growing hoarde of note-taking apps, MagicalPad’s claim to uniqueness lies in its focus on the needs of the small business owner. more »

Apple sells 3 million New iPads

Apple has sold three million ‘New iPads’ (commonly known as the iPad 3) since they went on sale globally last Friday. more »

iPad 3 hits Australian shores

Tech company Apple has today announced the launch of its newest tablet computer, which it has dubbed the ‘New iPad’. more »

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 finally available for sale after Apple loses lawsuit


Australian retailers will finally be able to sell the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 after months of heated legal argument. more »

What you can learn from Steve Jobs

Ray Welling

There have been many tributes but it’s worth reflecting on how Jobs’s work principles relate to small business marketing. more »

Apple iPhone 4S and iCloud

Despite intense speculation that Apple would announce the iPhone 5, it has instead launched a slightly revamped model of the iPhone 4. more »

Steve Jobs steps down from the company he sold his Volkswagen to create

Steve Jobs has stepped down from his position as CEO of Apple, but will still be involved as chairman of the board. more »

Big bother


Losing my iPad could have become a cliché if it wasn’t for the questions about privacy raised by its tracking service. more »

Google to acquire Motorola for $11.9 billion

After losing out on the Novell and Nortel auctions, Google has announced it is acquiring Motorola for $11.9 billion. more »

Samsung will sell Galaxy Tab 10.1 despite Apple lawsuit

Samsung has released a statement saying it will go ahead with the sale of the Galaxy Tab 10.1, despite Apple’s lawsuit. more »

iTunes libraries to be available online, plus new operating system for iPhones, Macs and iPads

Apple iOS 5

Steve Jobs has announced a series of new apple developments – namely iCloud, OSX Lion – and previewed iOS 5 at the WWDC in San Francisco. more »

The more things change… the more things change

ray_web new

When the iPad was released last year, sildenafil there was a cacophony of ooohs and aaahs as geeks, drug early adopters and visionaries welcomed Apple’s shiny new thing. But if you listened carefully, viagra you could also hear sighs and mumbles. That was from the people who were saying under their breath, “Oh s@!?# – another new technology to try and master – I give up!” As a small business operator, it can be frustrating to try and stay on top of all of the technologies that may or may … more »

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