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App: Bump

bump app logo

Bump enables users to create a business card on their phone by filling out a series of fields. They can then trade cards with others by ‘bumping’ their phones together. more »

App: Google Drive

Google Drive logo

Google’s new Drive app is designed to integrate Google Docs seamlessly with the interface on your iPad, iPhone, or Android Device. more »

App: Tape-A-Talk


Tape-A-Talk is an exceptionally good app for Android that turns your phone into a dictaphone, so that none of the detail is lost. more »

App: Google Drive

Google Drive logo

As part of it’s new cloud storage product Drive, Google has created an app for Android devices to give users the ability to access and edit files from their mobile phones and tablets. more »

App: iTeleport

iTeleport symbol

iTeleport for iPhone and iPad allows the user access to the contents of their home PC from their tablet or smartphone. more »

App: Cashbook Expense Tracker

Cashbook Expense Tracker

Cashbook Expense Tracker provides a simple, nifty way to track business expenses expenses on your Android device. more »

App: GoodReader

GoodReader logo

GoodReader is an app that allows you to mark up many different types of text file as you read them on your iPad. more »

App: Evernote

evernote logo

Essentially a note-taking software, Evernote syncs online, so that you can access from wherever, and share or collaborate with groups. more »

App: Wolfram Alpha

wolfram alpha logo

Wolfram Alpha is a ‘computational knowledge’ engine. It’s designed to anticipate answers to factual questions. more »

App: iMockups

imockups logo

In a similar way to (the currently Android-only) Adobe Proto, iMockups for iPad gives anyone from designers to the digital layperson a simple way to sketch out the basic structure of a website. Given that relationships between web designers and business owners often devolve into charades, this sort of app is an invaluable communicating tool when you’re trying to bring your vision to life online. Read more and download the app here.

App: Air Sharing

Air Sharing

Do you ever get sick of how simple it is for your Android-owning friends to use their phones for file storage? more »

App: Voxer

Voxer app

Voxer is an app that turns your iPhone or Android phone into a push-to-talk style walkie-talkie. more »

App: PrinterShare

printershare app

PrinterShare allows users to print anything – documents, contacts, photos, SMS – wirelessly from their smartphone or tablet device. more »

App: PocketCloud

pocketcloud app

PocketCloud is a an app that lets users view and co-ordinate multiple devices – iPad, home and work PCs, for example – all from their smartphone. more »

App: Mindjet

mindjet app

This app lets users sketch ideas out into detailed mindmaps on their iPad, iPhone or Android phone. more »

App: XE Currency

XE currency

The XE Currency app allows you to keep track of currencies in real-time from wherever your smartphone can connect to the web. more »

App: Wi-Fi Finder

wi-fi finder

For the modern business owner, it is absolutely essential to be constantly connected to business email accounts and the web, without having to rely on mercurial service providers. While most mobile devices are equipped with software that locates nearby wireless internet sources, this app uses geolocation services to map out wi-fi hotspots that are out of range. If you’re planning on working remotely, it allows you to plot your itinerary around wherever there’s free internet. Download the app from the iTunes store, and from the Android Market.

App: Droid Analytics

droid analytics

Few of Google’s Apps is more revealing than Analytics, as it gives owners a free way to gain insight to the movements of their web visitors. more »

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