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business growth

Business growth


I have often found myself around businesses that continue to keep going but have not grown. more »

Do you really need media training?


One of the things that entrepreneurs look for when they become successful is media training – but do you really need it? more »

Help others to spread your word

Chris Dale of MarketingHQ

Despite all the changes occurring in the marketing world, one thing still remains constant – word-of-mouth. more »

E-book: Dell Trade Secrets

Dell trade secrets e-book

This e-book is third in a series of crowd-sourced efforts put together by the computer company Dell. more »

Video: Web design tips

Video: Web design tips

This video provides sound design advice for business owners new to the web, as well as those just starting up online. more »

Video: Interview with Tamas Locher of LOOKK

Video Lookk profile

This is a video interview with Tamas Locher, founder and CEO of LOOKK, a social media network for fashion designers. more »

E-book: Award-Winning Tips for SMBs

E-book: Award-winning tips fo SMBs

This e-book offers a wealth of advice and stories on starting and running a successful business in Australia. more »

E-book: Burning Entrepreneur – how to launch, fund, and set your startup on fire

Burning Entrepreneur – how to launch, fund, and set your startup on fire

Burning Entrepreneur is an e-book assembled out of blog posts by businessman and serial entrepreneur Brad Feld. more »

Building relationships with the media – are you doing it correctly?

Catriona Pollard

PR is a marathon, not a sprint, and the best way to ensure you come out on top is to build genuine relationships with journalists. more »

A dose of paranoia can be good business medicine

Ashleigh Swayn new profile

Whether or not the doomsayers are over-stating the point, it’s a good time to have a look at your operation. more »

What’s the story behind your product?

Valerie Khoo

Last week, I visited an artist’s studio. This guy creates striking art pieces from objects he finds. more »

Social media IS a marketing tool

Anna Spargo-Ryan

The way you use social media to build a group of engaged customers depends on where you’re at in your business cycle. more »

Engaging with bloggers – dos and don’ts

Will Ockenden

Blogs pose a compelling opportunity for SMEs. By engaging with them correctly, a brand can gain valuable advocacy. more »

Adapting to new markets

Adapting to new markets

Until you’re actually trading, you can’t be certain that your product is what the broader marketplace actually wants. more »

Refreshing the business plan


Do you really remember your business plan? Is it still relevant? Has it been in a drawer ever since you met with the bank? more »

Negotiating with suppliers


For small business owners, there’s more to the process of negotiating with suppliers than demanding lower prices. more »

Show business

Stefan Sojka

I got my first answering machine the late 80s. I’ll never forget the horror of hearing my own voice on that cassette. more »

Converting traffic to sales

Converting traffic to sales

The key to increasing the number of sales your site brings in lies in how well you meet visitors’ expectations. more »

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