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5 tips for selling your business


While it may seem like you’re abandoning your baby, the fact is that the endgame for many entrepreneurs is selling their business. You’ve turned your business from a fledgling newborn into a full-blown adult and you need to ensure you send it off into the world the right way. more »

SILK Home Staging & Styling


Naomi Findlay was a university lecturer in medical science and dabbled in property speculation on the side before she decided to start SILK Home Staging & Styling. more »

Letting go


I’ve had lots of clients tell me they really struggle with delegating things to their team. They just don’t trust them to do things right. more »

Australians downloaded 34% more in the last 3 months of the year

The ABS has released its latest Internet Activity report, which has shown the number of internet subscribers in Australia has grown by 5% in the last year to 12.2 million. more »

Talking capital

Morris Kaplan

Raising the capital to get your bright idea off the ground can be frustrating, but there are things to try close to home. more »

Case study – Point Project

Michael Snare and Brendan Bilston.

Point Project Management has a number of high profile clients and recently migrated its staff to iPhones. more »

Main causes of bankruptcy are competition, credit restrictions and falling margins, report says


A new report has flagged competition, credit restrictions, and falling margins as the biggest cause of bankruptcy in 2011. more »

38,000 member class action against ANZ going back to Federal Court


The High Court of Australia ruled that exception fees charged by ANZ may be excessive in the ongoing class action over bank charges. more »

Qantas posts first-ever loss

Qantas posts first ever loss

Qantas Airways has recorded a net loss of $245 million for the 2012 financial year, it’s first ever full-year loss. more »

Rise and shine

Nathan Statz, editor of Nett Magazine

Just once, I would like to flick on the television and have a smiling newsreader tell me that everything was wonderful. more »

Marching on

Nathan Statz, editor of Nett Magazine

There are times when you really look forward to something. Like that great idea that’s been on the back-burner. more »

Twitter passes 500 million user accounts milestone

twitter bird

Research firm Semiocast has released a report that claims Twitter went past half a billion users in June.
more »

SMEs struggle with revenue growth, survey says

RSM Bird Cameron has released a report showing a 10% slide in revenue growth amongst small to medium enterprises (SMEs). more »

The customer is always right now

Mark Pesce

A few years ago, I posed the question ‘what happens after we’re all connected?’ Six billion mobile subscriptions later, that’s very much the world we live in. more »

Past glory

Nathan Statz, editor of Nett Magazine

When you walk down the street to buy the morning paper, you probably pass a half dozen or so small businesses without even realising it. more »

The little details

Stefan web 2

How strange our brains are. Organic supercomputers with more than 80 billion neurons and trillions of synaptic connections. more »

Like likes like

Mark Pesce

As a child growing up in America’s northeast, I watched quite a few Saturday afternoon monster movies on the television. more »

Lighting the fire

Nathan Statz, editor of Nett Magazine

Some of the best work is done when you’re under the pump and time starts to fly by in a surreal couple of moments. more »

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