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SMB complaints about telcos rise by 18.3%

The TIO received 27,0008 new complaints from small business owners about their telecommunications provider during the last financial year more »

iiNet opens iiStore


Broadband provider iiNet has opened a corporate store underneath the company’s headquarters in Subiaco, Perth. more »

Video: Business Facebook Page Do’s and Don’ts


This video provides the viewer with a concise list of things that businesses should avoid when using Facebook. more »

Case study – Point Project

Michael Snare and Brendan Bilston.

Point Project Management has a number of high profile clients and recently migrated its staff to iPhones. more »

Social media IS a marketing tool

Anna Spargo-Ryan

The way you use social media to build a group of engaged customers depends on where you’re at in your business cycle. more »

Don’t say the wrong thing

Valerie Khoo

If your business’s communication is littered with the wrong words, what kind of message is this sending to people? more »

Engaging with bloggers – dos and don’ts

Will Ockenden

Blogs pose a compelling opportunity for SMEs. By engaging with them correctly, a brand can gain valuable advocacy. more »

Defying the law of brevity

Robert Moorman

Defying the law of brevity; how to make your marketing messages short and snappy and still get the message across. more »

Try a little tenderness

Mark Pesce

In a networked world, first impressions matter more than ever. In the space of a few moments, we judge one another. more »

Using serial videos to market your business

Robert Moorman

The goal of video for business is to create a connection, because trust is a prerequisite for doing any business. more »

5 PowerPoint sins you should never commit

Valerie Khoo

These days, PowerPoint is everywhere. To avoid becoming a PowerPoint abuser, here are five deadly sins you should avoid. more »

App: Google Drive

Google Drive logo

Google’s new Drive app is designed to integrate Google Docs seamlessly with the interface on your iPad, iPhone, or Android Device. more »

Email marketing: balancing sales with content

Email marketing: balancing sales with content

One of the most useful exercises in email marketing is to put yourself in the customer’s shoes, and ask what they want. more »

Facebook function frenzy

Kate vanderVoort

Here are seven changes Facebook has made in the last month, along with tips on how you might use each in your business. more »

How to build your own website

how to build your own website

CMSs like WordPress have given those with little experience the ability to create business websites cheaply and easily. more »

The power of ‘you’

Chris Dale

The word ‘you’ is very powerful in marketing, but it doesn’t get used often enough when businesses are writing copy. more »

How networking can help your business

Catriona Pollard

Networking is great for building business contacts, finding new clients, making connections in your industry and promoting your business. more »

Are you using the right word?

Valerie Khoo

Words can be a bitch. If you slip up too often, then your professional competence might be called into question. more »

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