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eBay millionaires


The internet has been a genuine wealth of opportunity for millions of people around the globe. more »

eBay announces new mobile app for Google Android phones

Google Android mobile users can now bid on-the-go with the launch of eBay’s new mobile application this week. The app is free to download from the Android Market and features speech-to-text voice search, buyer alerts, PayPal integration and advanced search. According to eBay spokesperson Jenny Thomas, eBay mobile sales are on the increase and an item is purchased through an eBay app every 15 seconds “This latest Android application will help even more Australians pick up a bargain on the site regardless of whether they’re on the bus or at … more »

The perfect e-commerce website

Replace those cash registers with payment gateways and the stacked shelves with product pages. Jonathan Crossfield explains how to build an e-commerce site. A major benefit of an online store is the greatly reduced running costs. This leaner and more efficient online operation should mean a greater profit margin to play with. But don’t pop the champagne just yet. If, for example, $1 of every offline sale ends up in your pocket after expenses and stock are covered, keep a similar amount for yourself online and put the extra margin … more »

Incredible edibles

There’s no shortage of new business concepts, whether you think up your own or adapt one from overseas. Edible Blooms founder Kelly Baker says what makes an entrepreneur is not having the idea, but going out and making it work. Most Nett readers are probably old enough to remember the late-1980s Channel 7 sketch comedy series ‘Fast Forward’ (if not, you can always get the DVDs). One recurring skit featured Steve Vizard as slimy, ponytailed advertising executive Brent Smythe and Peter Moon as his offsider Barry. In one memorable moment, … more »

It’s not rocket surgery

Selling whitegoods on the web seems like good business sense, but it took entrepreneur John Winning Jr to work out what Australia’s major retailers still haven’t: you can make money with Appliances Online. Have you ever wondered why you can buy a computer online from a major Australian retailer, but not a cooktop? A computer is a complex, high-value purchase with a vast range of options that many people find bewildering. Most people seek the advice of a friend or salesperson to match the computer to their needs. With a … more »

The future frontier

The final chapter of our web design series features tales of wonder and mystery as intrepid explorer Ruby Blessing journeys to the edges of the internet to discover the future. I am writing to you, dear reader, from the outer most reaches of the digital domains where I am currently stranded, albeit happily, with a tribe of creative cannibals who trawl the nether worlds of the web, popular culture and their own imaginations to create visual feasts of terror and beauty. I set off on my expedition to find great … more »

Kick Start: beach lovers need not apply

The trip of a lifetime inspired Albury’s Amanda Duncan-Strelec to start up a unique tourism business offering one-week adventure holidays among the Alaskan glaciers. How can she use the web to get the message out? The panel Stephen Craft Commonwealth Bank of Australia Expertise: small business banking and finance Jonathan Crossfield Netregistry Expertise: web presence and online marketing Bill Gair Co-founder of and CEO of Boardroom Radio Expertise: online travel retail and online audio and video Host: Josh Mehlman Holiday among the glaciers Josh: What does your business offer? … more »

Make more offshore

Thanks to the Internet, even the smallest business can make its presence felt around the world. So could you be making more offshore? Stephen Craft explains how to get started. Content provided by the Commonwealth Bank of Australia There was a time when doing business overseas was daunting. Business at a distance was hard work: you had to market yourself to people half a world away, distribute your product to them and worry about international payments and foreign exchange. That meant spending a lot of time and money many small … more »

Ka-ching! Easy online payment systems

Want a website that serves your customers and does all your banking for you as well? Jonathan Crossfield looks at the essential ingredients to a successful ecommerce system. The internet has changed the way the world shops. A skateboarder in Brazil can buy knee pads from Canada with a couple of mouse clicks. A comic collector in England can find that rare issue of Spider-Man in Japan without leaving the bedroom. Akubra hats are popular with expats in France. Global internet sales mean businesses can stay open day and night … more »

The host with the most

When planning a website, the obvious place to start is with a great design and wonderful words. But even the most stylish website can fail without a good hosting server. Jonathan Crossfield offers some strategies on getting it right. The internet appears to pull information out of the air, but every webpage, every byte of data and every image is stored on a computer hard drive somewhere, waiting for your browser to access it. This hard drive is called the server, and the process of storing the data is called … more »

Understanding e-commerce

ECommerce is the paperless exchange of information between business-to-business using electronic data interchange (EDI), e-mail, and bulletin boards, fax transmissions and electric funds transfers. ECommerce really refers to electronnic business-to-business transactions. ECommerce is concerned with the Internet doing business faster and better than before. It’s about giving customers access to a system that lets people serve themselves and make their own choices. It’s about allowing a company to go on line and communicate with other businesses very much without human involvement. ECommerce – a definition A simple definition of ECommerce … more »

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