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Can entrepreneurship be taught?


Entrepreneurship is most commonly defined as the activity or practice of using innovation to introduce new ideas, products, or services to the consumer market or target audience. more »

Story Bayou


Julie Laviolette wanted to help kids with reading, so she developed her own interactive storybook business called Story Bayou. more »



David Truong teamed up with Cyril Gaillard and David Chiapoco to create an app to help young kids do better at maths. more »

Envato Nett interview

Nett Interviews Envato people: Collis Ta'eed, store Cyan Ta'eed, Vahid Ta'eed, Ryan Allen, Jun Rung. It’s one of the biggest tech biz clichés: incubating in a garage or spare room with little more than schematics, a couple of computers and your best mates for company. Microsoft did it in 1975, Apple in 1976 and Google more recently in 1996. In 2006, five young Aussies launched an online educational powerhouse now known as Envatoexternal link in a converted garage/living room beneath an old shoe factory. Celebrating its fourth birthday this month, … more »

Computer system addresses school demand in Latin America, Asia

Userful Corporation, medicine a company that specializes in Linux virtualisation, recently announced overwhelming demand for the new MultiSeat Linux 2010 throughout Asia and Latin America. The product – which enables up to 10 students to connect to a single PC at once, each with their own screen, keyboard, mouse and applications – has greatly reduced the cost of software, electricity and maintenance, to enable schools to multiply the number of computer stations available to their students, whilst working with limited budgets. Each student controls their own station and applications, which … more »

Decision maker: time to go back to school?

Get ahead of the pack and invest in further education. Your business will thank you for it. Here are 5 reasons for you to hit the books. 1. Do better business, find with better skills It’s not too late to fast track your career. If you want to stay competitive, you need to regularly learn new skills and bring them into your company. Perhaps you’d like to get your head around taxation law, learn how to be a better leader or get some tips on how to excel at servicing … more »

Find the value in your staff

You know how much you pay your staff, ampoule but how much does this actually relate to their value? Fran Molloy helps you identify ways staff members can contribute to your business success beyond the financial. Most employers judge the contributions of employees to the business solely on the direct financial value of their work. That view is just too simplistic insists HR expert Martin Nally, page who heads human resources services company He says it's more useful to classify staff contributions into ‘funded' and ‘unfunded' work: "Funded work … more »

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