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Fred Schebesta and Frank Restuccia have started a new business called that compares financial products and mobile phone plans. more »

Can entrepreneurship be taught?


Entrepreneurship is most commonly defined as the activity or practice of using innovation to introduce new ideas, products, or services to the consumer market or target audience. more »



Richard Eastes admits to failing a few times with his first few attempts at starting a business. Though he is quick to point out that those failures taught him more than he could ever have learnt without having a go. more »



Six years ago, Eleni Mitakos was working as a corporate trainer and loved her job, but, with a second baby on the way, she wanted to travel less and have the freedom to spend more time with the kids. more »



Daniel Battaglia spent five years working in banking and finance before he carefully planned his own parking space marketplace called ParkingMadeEasy.
more »

Startup incubators


Incubators are usually associated with raising chickens or growing moulds in a dusty laboratory. When it comes to startups, the idea is the same – helping things to grow in a controlled environment – but the aim isn’t to replace a hen or to grow a new strain of penicillin. more »

Big Richard


Lloyd Perry walked away from a six-figure income in sales and marketing to start Big Richard, a youth-focused condom brand. more »

Sales fall by 60% after death of entrepreneur

A morbid study from a pair of European universities has found that following the death of a founding entrepreneur, sales fall by 60% on average.
more »

Muchos Nachos


Illi Ciardiello sold off his wedding planning company for a tidy sum and then went on to start a new business selling nachos/ more »

O2 Media


Karen Foster spent more than a decade working as a journalist and later moved across to an advertising agency. more »

RedStick PR


Allison Murphy founded RedStick in 2004 and has since built it up to employing eight staff members with room to grow. more »

Help others to spread your word

Chris Dale of MarketingHQ

Despite all the changes occurring in the marketing world, one thing still remains constant – word-of-mouth. more »

Video: Interview with Tamas Locher of LOOKK

Video Lookk profile

This is a video interview with Tamas Locher, founder and CEO of LOOKK, a social media network for fashion designers. more »

Profile: Nick Bowditch


Close to broke with a young family, Nick Bowditch took the courageous step of quitting his city job and starting his own business. more »

Profile: Pipe Perfection

Pipe Perfection's Darren Clancy

Starting off on his own, Pipe Perfection’s Darren Clancy now has more than 10 staff and half-a-dozen vehicles on the road. more »

Profile: The Muesli

Emma Dumas, founder of The Muesli

Emma Dumas, founder of The Muesli, started her business after working as a producer on shows such as The Panel. more »

Profile: Bondive

Bondive founder Peter Michie

Peter Michie was a lawyer for over 20 years before taking the plunge and starting his own scuba diving business, Bondive. more »

Profile: Lizzy C

Lizzy C owner Elizabeth Bull

Elizabeth Bull has built up two successful photography brands – Lizzy C for weddings and Commercial Focus for corporates. more »

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