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Fred Schebesta and Frank Restuccia have started a new business called that compares financial products and mobile phone plans. more »

Saving secrets

Whether it’s that thrifty mate of yours that has the accountant that’s just a little fancier than yours, or a fellow business owner that just seems to have the knack for squeezing the last penny out of suppliers, there’s always someone that’s a little bit better. more »

The big banks deliver half-year profit results


It’s reporting season, which means all publically-listed companies have to show off their balance sheets and three of the big four banks have posted huge profits. Westpac is on top with a net profit of $3.3 billion in the first two quarters of fiscal 2013, an increase of 11% compared to the same period in 2012.  ANZ results show a profit earning of $2.9 billion, 7% more than the last half year.  “It reflects a continuing commitment to growth while also delivering sustainable productivity outcomes that provides us with ever … more »

Nudge Accounting


Emma Petroulas had been working for accounting firm KPMG before she decided to bite the bullet and team up with Mark Veran and Aaron Wallace to found Nudge Accounting. more »

ANZ pledges to lend $1 billion to new businesses


ANZ has kicked off a new marketing campaign to attract small businesses by pledging to lend $1 billion to new businesses. more »

Time to dream big for your business

Ashleigh Swayn new profile

Over here we’re blessed with the longest, warmest days of the year, but also our slowest in many ways. more »

Ten keys to raising capital from investors

Jack Delosa

We know why businesses need to raise capital, but often people can fall short when trying to go about it. more »

Top five financial mistakes made by small business owners


I understand the threat of bankruptcy more than most, but little did I know that experiencing it first-hand would lead to a profitable new business opportunity for me. more »

Choosing an insurance provider


You might be getting ripped off without realising it, as most people just sign an insurance policy and lock it away in a drawer.
more »

The benefits of buying a franchise

Morris Kaplan

Most entrepreneurs need to raise the necessary capital from personal resources; in other words banks and investors are not an option. more »

Case study: Brisbane Earth Movers


Allison Price from Brisbane Earth Movers has had a lot of success by staying away from the big four banks. more »

App: Expensify

Expensify App

Expensify is an app that helps iOS and Android users track expenses and create expense reports with minimal hassle. more »

E-book: Burning Entrepreneur – how to launch, fund, and set your startup on fire

Burning Entrepreneur – how to launch, fund, and set your startup on fire

Burning Entrepreneur is an e-book assembled out of blog posts by businessman and serial entrepreneur Brad Feld. more »

Talking capital

Morris Kaplan

Raising the capital to get your bright idea off the ground can be frustrating, but there are things to try close to home. more »

Money and work are top causes of stress

A global study by workspace provider Regus has found that 48% of respondents feel their job is the top source of stress. more »

A dose of paranoia can be good business medicine

Ashleigh Swayn new profile

Whether or not the doomsayers are over-stating the point, it’s a good time to have a look at your operation. more »

38,000 member class action against ANZ going back to Federal Court


The High Court of Australia ruled that exception fees charged by ANZ may be excessive in the ongoing class action over bank charges. more »

Small business confidence on the decline, survey claims


Recent findings from the Bibby Barometer Small Business Survey indicate that small business confidence is declining. more »

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