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As far back as July 2008 – which is ancient history in internet years – Google discovered that the internet was growing at more than a billion pages per day. more »

The beginner’s guide to choosing a hosting plan

Content provided by Netregistry. Got a domain name with no place to go? Confused by jargon-filled chatter about hosting and bandwidth? Just want to know enough to get your business online? Jonathan Crossfield takes the mystery out of web hosting. Without web hosting, link your website can never reach the outside world. Hosting is the essential link between your website and the internet, but can often become a baffling annoyance. If you’re like me, being forced to read a list of technical specifications and jargon is a better cure for … more »

Will your web hosting crash and burn?

You may have just launched your business, ampoule but hopefully one day, your site’s traffic will skyrocket. It’s an exciting thought, but can your hosting infrastructure handle it without crashing and turning away sales? Nett talked to Doug Meckler, managing director of GreenTix, about how his company copes with the massive influx of traffic with the various festivals it caters to every year. "I launched GreenTix with the very specific goal of filling the need for alternative ticketing solutions for event organisers. The trend to shift to online purchases for … more »

A beginner’s guide to online disasters

A beginner's guide to online disasters

Workshop: A beginner's guide to online disasters – how to avoid them. There's plenty of talk about how to achieve fantastic things on the web, but what if things don't exactly go according to plan? Accidents happen. Jonathan Crossfield looks at how to avoid internet disasters. CONTENT PROVIDED BY NETREGISTRY The British novelist G.B. Stern wrote, "The optimist invents the airplane and the pessimist the parachute." But is it pessimism that motivates you to be prepared for disaster, or mere practicality? With all this talk of how easy it is … more »

How To Choose A Web Host For Your Internet Home Business

Selecting a host is an important part of your business. For commercial sites, tadalafil free hosting is a waste of time. Your users are exposed to annoying pop-up advertisements every time they come to your page and you don't even get a real business URL. No ones going to remember your web address if they have to type something like The best method is to choose a cheaper host at the beginning and move up as your business grows. Here are some of the things you should look for … more »

SiteBuilder Software from Netregistry — Netregistry promotion

Your website – built by you. Previously, malady creating a professional looking web design involved the cost of hiring a web designer, and then recurring costs for any future changes. Now, Netregistry Business and Premium Hosting packages come with a state-of-the-art website building system – SiteBuilder. Design and manage your own website, hosted with email and webmail by one Australia's most trusted web hosting providers! Easy to use Technological advancements have enabled hosting companies, like Netregistry, to offer state-of-the-art website building systems. Building a quality website with SiteBuilder requires no … more »

With the number of Australian small businesses growing, NETT provides a one-stop shop of information to get your business working for you. Crammed full of helpful articles, tips and small business advice, NETT gathers expert advice from Australian small business owners, industry experts and online professionals and houses it all in an easy-to-follow format. Reaching across a wealth of topics from technology to search optimisation and resources. NETT focuses on assisting Australian small business and providing better business advice to allow you to build a strong online presence.