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Wireless is more

Wireless is more

Going wireless is a good way to cut down on office cabling, though there are a few security issues to consider. more »

Easter reappointed as IT Supplier Advocate

Don Easter, IT Supplier Advocate

Don Easter has been reappointed as the red tape-cutter for small to medium business with respect to government IT contracts. more »

Computer system addresses school demand in Latin America, Asia

Userful Corporation, medicine a company that specializes in Linux virtualisation, recently announced overwhelming demand for the new MultiSeat Linux 2010 throughout Asia and Latin America. The product – which enables up to 10 students to connect to a single PC at once, each with their own screen, keyboard, mouse and applications – has greatly reduced the cost of software, electricity and maintenance, to enable schools to multiply the number of computer stations available to their students, whilst working with limited budgets. Each student controls their own station and applications, which … more »

New wave of cyber blackmail identified


A new wave of cyber crime has been identified, with increasing reports of web users being infected with malware and then being mysteriously contacted by phone or email and financially blackmailed to have it removed. “The reports we have received from clients point to a concerted campaign to infect computers, seek but the offer to remove these infections means that infected machines are being tracked and contact details for the victims are being obtained, advice ” said Nick Roche, head of Computer Troubleshooters, in a press release. “This possibly occurs … more »

The power of user-generated and audience-centric content

Recently we've looked at business blogs and Facebook, price the return of LinkedIn, learnt from how Big Brown Box utilised customer feedback as part of their marketing strategy, and how Jac Bowie keeps people coming back to her site. Notice a theme here? User generated and audience-centric content is vital to the success of your website. When a visitor first lands on your homepage, they need to be greeted with information that is at once new and strangely familiar. How do you do this? There are three boxes to tick: … more »

IT’s just not good enough

Brad Howarth scrutinises Australia’s current information infrastructure, visit this site as well as Government plans to strengthen it, and questions what needs to be done to stop us falling behind competing markets. If you grew up with mono television, would you really understand why stereo was so much better until you heard it yourself? Or how about 5.1 surround sound? The same analogy can be cast for much of Australia’s information infrastructure. We hear every day that our broadband fails to stack up in global terms, that our mobile charges … more »

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