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How to make a killer LinkedIn profile


Unless you have had your head hidden in the sand for the past few years, I am sure you must be familiar with the importance of how a good LinkedIn profile represents you,
your business and your brand. more »

LinkedIn Company Pages

Kate vanderVoort

So many businesses are fixated on Facebook (as some rightly should be) and yet they still don’t have a LinkedIn Company Page. more »

Do people lie on LinkedIn?


A new study conducted by recruitment firm Employment Office has found that 82% of those surveyed believe candidates lie about, or exaggerate, their skills and experience on their LinkedIn profiles. more »

Story Bayou


Julie Laviolette wanted to help kids with reading, so she developed her own interactive storybook business called Story Bayou. more »

Getting started with LinkedIn


LinkedIn might not be as famous as other social networks, but your target market may already be there. more »

Social media guide


Just because you run a small business doesn’t mean you can’t have a big impact in the world of social media. more »

Facebook trumps Twitter for small businesses, survey says


Small business owners that have a social media presence are more likely to use Facebook than Twitter. more »

LinkedIn releases job application plugin

LinkedIn has launched a new plugin for website owners seeking employees that enables them to feature an ‘Apply with LinkedIn’ button. more »

Mobile just for calls a thing of the past

The new generation of mobile handsets is growing in popularity, with calls now for a refined mobile search function. Australians are increasingly using their mobile phones for non-voice services such as internet access, according to research by the Australian Interactive and Multimedia Industry Association. AIMIA's 2009 Australian Mobile Phone Lifestyle Index found 63% of participants said they owned a 3G or 3.5G handset capable of accessing mobile data services. Nearly a third of respondents used their handsets to access social networking sites. The vast majority checked up on their Facebook, … more »

Lunch+Learn Webinar: Unleash the Power of LinkedIn

Signing up to LinkedIn and making connections is one thing. Using your LinkedIn profile to increase exposure and actively grow your business is something else altogether. Check out this Lunch+Learn Webinar, and you’ll get practical steps from industry experts on how you can really make LinkedIn work for you and your business. The one-hour session covers: · What LinkedIn is and who should use it · Tools and techniques to optimise your personal and company LinkedIn profiles · Ways to make connections and use them effectively · And more… Speakers: … more »

High-tech networking not for everyone

High-tech networking not for everyone – Online social networks have made a dramatic shift in the way people look for jobs, employees, customers and business contacts. But Jo-Anne Hui discovers many people still think the old-fashioned approaches work best. Once upon a time, when Joe Bloggs was on the hunt for a job, he would sit down at the kitchen table with a newspaper and attack the job ads with a red texta. Nowadays, jobseekers and employers are flocking to social networking sites like LinkedIn and getting busy establishing new … more »

Why web restrictions only hurt productivity

By now you've no doubt read articles telling you why blocking access to the Facebooks, Twitters, and YouTubes of the world will save you hours and millions of dollars in lost productivity. Personal distraction is a malignant force of the office that should be treated like cancer. Unfortunately, this type of ‘lost productivity' is a fallacy. Anyone who thinks they can achieve 100% office productivity needs to go run a robot factory and leave humans to their terribly human mental rhythms. Best be careful those robots don't break down. The … more »

The return of LinkedIn

A recession is bad news for everyone who has a job. You work just as hard as normal, but your pay packet doesn't go as far. Also, there's the distant but suddenly very real prospect of inflation taking your job away. Luckily, for most, redundancy isn't going to happen. But for an unfortunate few, it's already a reality. It's a logical progression, then, that during a recession, people become more creative about job seeking. There's a resurgence in the use of recruitment agencies and a consolidation of existing networks. LinkedIn … more »

Start your own social network

Start your own social network – Many employers view social networks as time-wasting nonsense. Can building your own workplace social network deliver all of the productivity and none of the problems? Simon Rumble finds out. Social networking gets a bad rap with business owners, particularly if your business includes Gen Yers who seem to carry on conversations across five different communication platforms, all while supposedly working. Even so, you can harness the power of social networks to enhance information sharing and cross-functional collaboration inside your business. However, it's important to … more »

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