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Good business culture


No matter what field you’re working in; marketing, franchising, construction or even beauty, a positive business ethos is essential and something that is too often forgotten or left on the backburner. more »

Happiness at work


An increasing amount of Australian workers are now refusing to put up with a job that makes them miserable. It makes you wonder how, as a business owner, do you ensure that you keep yourself, your business and your staff happy? more »

Top franchise survey winners announced


Market research firm, this 10 Thousand Feet, there has announced its latest Topfranchise Awards winners, viagra order with Smartline Personal Mortgage Advisers taking out the top spot.  The awards are based on results of ongoing franchisee satisfaction surveys, with over 1,000 Australian franchisees participating.  “We send an email survey to all franchisees in that particular company,” said Ian Krawitz, head of intelligence at 10 Thousand Feet.   “Each of the franchisees answers 35 questions about different elements of their experience and franchisor. Everything from the support they receive from the … more »

How to tell if your business idea will work


Deciding to launch a new business can be daunting, but there are ways to test your idea before pulling the trigger. more »

Letting go


I’ve had lots of clients tell me they really struggle with delegating things to their team. They just don’t trust them to do things right. more »

Are you stressing yourself out with time management?

Lisa Phillips

Whenever a business client requests assistance to improve time management skills, I find myself chomping at the bit to work on a mindset change first more »

A dose of paranoia can be good business medicine

Ashleigh Swayn new profile

Whether or not the doomsayers are over-stating the point, it’s a good time to have a look at your operation. more »

Adapting to new markets

Adapting to new markets

Until you’re actually trading, you can’t be certain that your product is what the broader marketplace actually wants. more »

Refreshing the business plan


Do you really remember your business plan? Is it still relevant? Has it been in a drawer ever since you met with the bank? more »

Negotiating with suppliers


For small business owners, there’s more to the process of negotiating with suppliers than demanding lower prices. more »

Improving the workplace


Creating a workplace where staff enjoy walking through the door in the morning should be high on the agenda. more »

Staying motivated as a business owner

Lisa Phillips

Running a business can be both exciting and challenging, but some days, it can leave you feeling frustrated and exhausted. more »

Starting a business for under $1,000 – Step 3: register the business

Starting a business for under $1,000 – step 3: register the business

Having secured a good domain name, and a few variant spellings, it’s time to register your business proper. Business registration is a crucial process, but not particularly complicated. First, take the same approach as you did with domain registration, and check to see that your business name and trademark hasn’t been already been registered. Prior to May 28, 2012, business registration was handled by a different organisation in each state. Now, all business registrations and applications for Australian Business Numbers (ABN) can be lodged at the Australian Business Register (ABR) … more »

App: Google Drive

Google Drive logo

Google’s new Drive app is designed to integrate Google Docs seamlessly with the interface on your iPad, iPhone, or Android Device. more »

E-book: The HR Hero

HR Hero e-book

This e-book (written by Donna Hansons from Prime Solutions) is a useful resource for anyone employing or managing staff. more »

Annual performance reviews fail the test

Ashleigh Swayn

Ashleigh Swan, CEO of Countplus mbt, argues that it makes sense to appraise your performance review process. more »

Podcast: Crisis communication

crisis communication podcast

Sometimes, buy more about even in small businesses, information pills everything just goes wrong. This show, order put together by Small Business Trends Radio, focuses on strategies for communicating with customers and the media when something goes seriously wrong in a small business. Listen to or download the show here.

Google announces Maps-based staff-tracking service

Google Maps Coordinate

Google has announced a new service that uses the Maps service to help businesses track and co-ordinate remote workers. more »

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