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Google study sheds light on mobile search


A new Google study has found that 55% of mobile searches that resulted in a conversion happened in less than an hour. more »

App: Penultimate

Penultimate app

Penultimate is a note-taking app that allows the user to write and sketch with their touchscreen as if it were a notepad. more »

Apple iPhone 5 Australia launch

iPhone 5

Apple has launched its iPhone 5 in Australia before the rest of the world, but not without some controversy. more »

27 per cent of mobile users browse online shopping sites at least once per day, survey says


A new report found that 27% of respondents visit an online retail site with their mobile device at least once a day. more »

Is your business mobile-ready?

Raffael Fernandes

Given the rapid growth of smartphone use in Australia, it’s time to ask yourself: is your business mobile-ready? more »

Profile: GoCatch

Ned Moorfield and Andrew Campbell of goCatch

Andrew Campbell and Ned Moorfield created GoCatch, a free app that lets you book a taxi and track your driver on a map. more »

Closing the sale

Mark Pesce

Every business must have a mobile presence, because that’s where all of your customers are going to be. more »

E-book: marketing your small business on the mobile web

mobile payments

This e-book provides a brief run-down of what can currently be done to market to the current generation of mobile consumers. more »

App: iTeleport

iTeleport symbol

iTeleport for iPhone and iPad allows the user access to the contents of their home PC from their tablet or smartphone. more »

App: GoodReader

GoodReader logo

GoodReader is an app that allows you to mark up many different types of text file as you read them on your iPad. more »

App: Air Sharing

Air Sharing

Do you ever get sick of how simple it is for your Android-owning friends to use their phones for file storage? more »

App: Iris

Iris app

App developer Dextra has created Iris to allow Android owners to control their phones with voice commands. more »

Should your business use tablet computers?

tablets for small business

In 2012, tablets continue to prove useful as a sales tool, but day-to-day applications are more commonplace. more »

The mobile revolution

Ray Welling

Mobile web use is growing at a rate eight times faster than the desktop web. In 2010, 12% of all Google queries were mobile. more »

Mobile marketing – you can’t afford to ignore it

Dave Fastuca

In today’s business world, you’re completely out of the loop if you don’t have a mobile phone stuck to your palm most of the time. more »

Using Google Places

how to use google places

Google Places is effectively a business directory that has been integrated with the company’s popular Maps service. more »

Australian consumers embracing mobile

Emma Hunt

As businesses draw up their online strategies for 2012, mobile should form an integral part of their planning. more »

Choosing a VoIP provider

choosing a voip provider

The key to finding a voice over internet protocol (VoIP) service that works for you lies in the type of service and the size of its provider. more »

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