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Improving sales


If your business does face-to-face selling and you’ve got people (or even yourself) visiting prospective customers on their own turf, it’s easy to wonder where all the time has gone. more »

Marketing silliness


When you think of marketing campaigns, usually the first thing that springs to mind is the cost, and then what kind of exposure your business will get out of it. more »

Get more from your sales staff


Everyone measures sales as dollars done after the cash is in the bank or when the agreement is signed. more »

Post-Christmas sales expected to hit $6.8 billion


A new report is predicting that consumers will spend $14.8 billion on retail goods during the post-Christmas sales period. more »

6 ways to keep customers happy, post-sale

Sue Barrett

Many buyers can feel neglected once they have placed an order with the salesperson they have bought from. more »

There’s no silver bullet in sales

Sue Barrett

I’ve lost count of the times I have been asked for the quick way to increase sales results, and the answer is simple. more »

Pop stars, politicians and sales

Sue Barrett

Certain professions strive for ultimate success and achievement, and will stop at nothing until they can be the best. more »

Stop being pigeonholed

Sue Barrett

It might be time to think about your clients and how they see you. Are there opportunities that aren’t being harnessed? more »

Handling online leads

Handling online leads

Typically, online sales leads are harder to convert than those from prospects who walk in the door or pick up the phone. more »

Is group buying worth it for small business?


The immense marketing reach of group buying sites like may be appealing to small businesses, but is there more to the story? more »

It’s okay to say no

Sue Barrett

Is the saying ‘the customer is always right’ really valid in today’s business world, or is its meaning misconstrued? more »

Show me the money: delivering sales results

Sue Barrett

Managing sales by numbers can mean that the business owner neglects to see the actions that are delivering the results. more »

The customer – friend or foe?

Sue Barrett

The trick in sales is to help your customer solve their problems quickly and easily, instead of aiming to delight them. more »

What makes a good salesperson?

I’m often asked whether a good salesperson is born or bred and I can definitely say 100 per cent that the answer is both. more »

Selling call centres to India?

Very few business owners – even the ones who swear a lot – consider themselves good salespeople. That’s how Strike Force Sales got started in 2006. A happy accident The company was formed when former journalist, publisher and marketer Chris Moriarty was introduced to Ciaran McGuigan, an expert in sales and sales training. “We never really had an intention to start the business; it happened in the slipstream of another business opportunity,” says Moriarty. “I had a mate who I did my MBA with and we came across this business … more »

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