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Google study sheds light on mobile search


A new Google study has found that 55% of mobile searches that resulted in a conversion happened in less than an hour. more »

No Yelling


When the guys from No Yelling Driving School wanted to rank higher on Google, they figured they could do it themselves. more »

How to improve SEO


Making sure you rank as high as possible in search results is crucial, but so is doing it the right way. more »

Search advertising outperforms all comers

googles search evolution

Frost & Sullivan has released a new report showing that advertising on search engines is outperforming all other types of online advertising. more »

Making search engine advertising count

How much to spend on SEA

Many businesses grasp the basic concept of SEA, only to bid too much on an ad and use their budget too quickly. more »

Small business using online tools less, survey shows

According to research released by accounting firm MYOB, there has been a decline in SMBs using online tools. more »

5 steps to get started with SEO


SEO is expensive because of volume. The more pages you have optimised, and the more keywords you target, the better. more »

5 search engine marketing tips for startups

5 search engine marketing tips for startups

SEM requires ongoing research, testing and micro-management if you want to make the most of the money that each click costs. more »

E-book: WordPress SEO for beginners

WordPress SEO for beginners

This concise e-book outlines the basic steps involved in optimising a WordPress-based site for search engines. more »

Search engine marketing basics

search engine marketing basics

SEM gives business owners the option to buy a spot next to search results for terms that are relevant to their products. more »

5 SEO tips for startups

5 SEO tips for startups

SEO is very simple, repetitive work, that anyone can do. Here are 5 tips to make sure the time you spend on it isn’t wasted. more »

Advertising a new business

where to advertise a new business

One of the most challenging aspects of starting and running a business is getting its name in front of the right people. more »

E-book: Google’s Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide

Google logo

A good place to start when trying to optimise your website for search is with Google’s own Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide. more »

Video: SEO – on page factors

SEO button

It’s easy to grasp why having a blog can help your site’s search ranking. What many struggle with is exactly how and where to begin. more »

Why you need SEO

SEO button

Search engine optimisation, or SEO, is one way you can make it easier for customers to find your business online. more »

5 black hat SEO techniques

Five worst black hat SEO techniques

Search engines like Google and Bing don’t tend to publish the code that figures out how to match queries with results. Despite this, many online marketers have used trial and error to learn as much as they can about these internal processes. Some of the resulting techniques are above-board and ethical – others aren’t. The following is an outline of five of the major black hat methods, and how they work. 1. Link building One of the most vitally important factors in SEO is the number of incoming links a … more »

Google study sheds light on smartphone use

A Google-commissioned study has found that 86% of respondents use their smartphones to search for local business information. more »

4 ways to spot black hat SEO

4 ways to spot black hat seo

What many online business owners don’t know is that there are good and bad ways of optimising a website for search. more »

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