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Protecting your business from theft


Despite the fact that the nightly television news bulletins are full of crime reports, and that break-ins and incidents of theft are so common that they hardly make the news anymore unless they are unusually brutal, most people take the attitude that it won’t happen to them. more »

Ask the expert: internet security

cyber attacks greatest security concern

Christopher Russell is the small business solutions manager at Symantec and we asked him to explain what threats are out there. more »

Mobile banking security

mobile banking security

Using a smartphone to monitor social media is one thing, but is it secure enough for online business banking? more »

App: MyBackup

app mybackup

MyBackup is an app that provides an efficient way for Android users to back up most of their smartphone data. more »

Five ways to avoid data disaster

5 ways to avoid data disasters

You’re fooling yourself if you think your business is unlikely to suffer a server meltdown or malware attack. more »

App: NetQin Security

app netqin

Despite what you might think, viagra smartphones are incredibly susceptible to malware and viruses. NetQin Mobile Security for Android works online and in your phone simultaneously to make devices more secure. Download for Android, doctor Symbian, Windows Phone 7 and Blackberry here.

Small businesses targeted by end of year scams

false billing scams

The ACCC has released a statement warning small businesses of end of financial year scams involving fake bills. more »

Web host announces 4800 sites lost in hacking attack

DistributeIT has announced that it will be unable to restore 4,800 sites lost following a hacking attack on its servers. more »

Cyber attacks greatest security concern for SMBs, report claims

cyber attacks greatest security concern

A recent Symantec study has shown that businesses place cyber attacks as the greatest risk, above natural disasters and terrorism. more »

Government releases list of cyber security tips


The federal government’s week-long cyber security awareness initiative has begun, with a list of tips and a series of events. more »

Break and enter

break and enter

When your business is broken into by a gang of thieves, it’s more than just valuable assets that you are losing. more »

Avoiding credit card fraud

Artery Store's Janet Leach

Retailers are being forced to be the fall guy for credit card fraud. We’re on our own, and I’m going to play hard to get. more »

The battle for online security


The only certainties in life are death and taxes, pilule Mark Twain is apocryphally reported as having said. Had he made his statement in the modern age, he might have also mentioned malware. Two decades into the age of the internet, the incidence of online nasties continues to grow every year – forcing even the smallest company to stay ever-vigilant against a vast array of potential security threats It’s a battle that’s easy to lose, even if you’ve taken what seem to be extensive measures to protect your IT environment. … more »

43% of employees favour family/friends with discounts

New research has shown that 43% of employees in small businesses admit that they or their fellow workers are inclined to give discounts to friends and family. The survey, this web commissioned by ADT Security, visit questioned 500 small business employees and 500 small business owners Australia wide, page showed that Gen Y employees were most likely to favour friends and family with discounts, with 49% of respondents admitting to the practice, in comparison to 45% of Gen X and only 30% of Baby Boomers. The survey also showed that … more »

The small business cloud

Cloud computing can be a convenient and efficient way of managing your business's financial records and customer databases, clinic but it could also save you considerable strife in the event of a data disaster. There’s never a good time for someone to drive through the front of your office, price but John Clarke thanks his lucky stars that when it happened – on a wet night in August 2009 – there was nobody in the office to get hurt. That, however, was the end of his good luck that night. … more »

Making data backup easier

Data backup can be a costly and time-consuming exercise for any business, malady regardless of its size. The problem is that, healing by its very nature, purchase a business produces an enormous amount of data — customer contact details, financial records, email databases, employee documents; the list is almost never-ending. Accordingly, many small businesses simply don’t pay enough heed to the process of data backup. “The reality is, today most organisations who use IT have a very high reliance on the information that they hold within their systems,” says Steve … more »

Four steps to protecting your IP online

The issue of intellectual property for small business is much more complicated in the online world than it is offline. The principles are essentially the same, but the methods of enforcing them change dramatically due to the size of the web, and the speed with which it operates. What is IP? “You’ve got two major areas of IP online,” explains Jeanette Jifkins, lawyer and publisher of “One is copyright, and the other is trademarks. Copyright protects your artistic and creative works. If you write an article, and that article … more »

Australian small businesses least confident about data recovery

Australian small businesses least confident with data security

A new survey has shown that Australian business owners are among the least confident in the world, health with respect to data-recovery and business continuity in the event of substantial data loss. The first Global Disaster Recovery index, pill conducted by the Ponemon Institute for data recovery and back-up solutions provider Acronis, surveyed the IT managers of over 3,000 small to medium businesses globally. “This is not a measure of capability, it is a measure of confidence in backup procedures,” said Simone Howe, country manager for Acronis AU/NZ of the … more »

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