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How to improve SEO


Making sure you rank as high as possible in search results is crucial, but so is doing it the right way. more »

Search advertising outperforms all comers

googles search evolution

Frost & Sullivan has released a new report showing that advertising on search engines is outperforming all other types of online advertising. more »

Making search engine advertising count

How much to spend on SEA

Many businesses grasp the basic concept of SEA, only to bid too much on an ad and use their budget too quickly. more »

5 search engine marketing tips for startups

5 search engine marketing tips for startups

SEM requires ongoing research, testing and micro-management if you want to make the most of the money that each click costs. more »

Search engine marketing basics

search engine marketing basics

SEM gives business owners the option to buy a spot next to search results for terms that are relevant to their products. more »

Advertising a new business

where to advertise a new business

One of the most challenging aspects of starting and running a business is getting its name in front of the right people. more »

Google vs. Bing

Google vs. Bing

This colossal skew towards Google over services like Bing and Yahoo! is not representative of search habits globally. more »

Where to put ad dollars

Morris Kaplan

Morris Kaplan does the math and decides that, after PPC and SEO, video is how small businesses should be marketing. more »

Five common mistakes with search engine advertising

If you have begun to develop an online marketing strategy for your internet business, pharm the power of search engine advertising is probably obvious to you. What may be less obvious is what distinguishes an effective online advertising campaign from a poor one. There are five crucial points that many businesses overlook. Have you looked past broad matching with your keyword targeting? Are you tracking conversions? How competitive are your keywords? Find out how to get your SEA right with Netregistry's free e-book, Five common mistakes with search engine advertising. … more »

The beginner’s guide to online marketing

How can you develop relevant marketing that hits the right people at the right time, in the right place and with the right message? Online, dosage of course! Whether you're marketing online or offline, the premise is the same: get as many people looking at and thinking about your brand, and your conversion rate will improve. The major difference is that online, there is much less wastage. Exposure is less the responsibility of the business, and much more in the hands of the person using the search engine where your … more »

Finding wherever

Jonathan Crossfield

Not sure if your business needs search engine marketing? You will soon realise you can’t do without it. Recently, information pills I’ve been playing with Google Goggles on my phone. It’s a free app available to most smartphone and iPhone users, information pills allowing you to perform Google searches from images taken with the inbuilt camera. For example, I take an image of the Netregistry mug on my desk, the app translates it, recognises the logo and performs a Google search for the Netregistry website. I obviously don’t need such a … more »

Directing Traffic

Have you ever received spam email promising ‘two million links’ to your website?

Perhaps you’ve heard the stories about companies that paid charlatans to improve their website search results, but instead ended up having their site dropped from Google’s index because of dodgy SEO tactics. more »

Five common mistakes with search engine advertising

Search engine advertising, more about or SEA, this is quick and effective way of getting your site seen on search engines. Pay per click advertising achieves exactly what SEO is meant to, but also provides a way for businesses to measure the ROI of your search efforts. If you have begun to develop an online marketing strategy for your internet business, the power of search advertising is probably obvious to you. What may be less obvious is what distinguishes an effective online advertising campaign from a poor one. Read Netregistry's … more »

Five ticks to an online strategy

Don’t waste money by guessing how to market your products. A little planning can help you focus your efforts in the right places for maximum results. Your new super-dooper-watcha-ma-call-it product is finally ready for sale. Now you need an online marketing strategy to drive all those wonderful sales into your shopping cart. But before you dive in, sale there are a few questions you should consider first. 1. Who? Describe your ideal customer. Before you say ‘everyone’ for fear of excluding even one potential buyer, here consider that your business … more »

Search Engine Marketing 101

Attract qualified leads Businesses are always trying to find the best ways of promoting their goods and services to potential customers. Most often, click that has meant taking out advertising. But no matter how well targeted a traditional advertising campaign is, viagra 60mg it could still fail to reach large numbers of people. Doesn’t it make more sense to target those customers who are already looking for what you are selling? This is the big idea behind online search marketing. Search marketing: right people, right time Every day over 10 … more »

Love at first site is fickle

Stephen Murphy

The tall poppy syndrome is a mental state that probably generates from jealousy. Whatever the syndrome name, approved the love affair with online performance-based advertising is already over for some. If you'd shared a beer with me a few years ago at a BBQ I would have passionately rambled on about the benefits of running paid search campaigns on Google until the last man was standing, viagra sale or lying down. Today, cialis 40mg I would rather talk about my golf handicap because my overzealous enthusiasm for paid search marketing … more »

You snooze, you lose

Stephen Murphy

Page load time has a dramatic effect on how many people immediately leave your site without looking. This is referred to as your bounce rate. more »

Google vs Microsoft vs Yahoo!

As Google & Yahoo! tighten their grip on business services, online can Microsoft withstand the pressure?As Google & Yahoo! tighten their grip on business services, for sale can Microsoft withstand the pressure? We put the big three companies in the search space head-to-head, and reveal the best tactics for using search and related services to your advantage. As Google & Yahoo! tighten their grip on business services, can Microsoft withstand the pressure? Why does search matter to your business? Search engines have massive influence over how internet content, services and … more »

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