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Shopping cart abandonment


Making sure your customers make it to the checkout requires a little diligence and insight. more »

Create a shopping cart for your site

Ever wonder how Amazon manages to make your transactions seem so utterly uncomplicated and guilt-free? Sadly it's because they've spent thousands upon thousands developing their own e-commerce software to make buying from them seem as simple as sneezing. Whilst your budget may constrain you from getting the business end of your site to the same state as theirs, sick this doesn't prevent you from making it easier for your customers. The key? The mighty shopping cart. Many larger retail sites you encounter online are equipped with an e-commerce software to … more »

Ka-ching! Easy online payment systems

Want a website that serves your customers and does all your banking for you as well? Jonathan Crossfield looks at the essential ingredients to a successful ecommerce system. The internet has changed the way the world shops. A skateboarder in Brazil can buy knee pads from Canada with a couple of mouse clicks. A comic collector in England can find that rare issue of Spider-Man in Japan without leaving the bedroom. Akubra hats are popular with expats in France. Global internet sales mean businesses can stay open day and night … more »

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