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social media

How to keep control of your copyright on social media


Millions of shares, likes, posts and tweets spread content around the web. But if it’s your content, and you didn’t give permission, you need to force a social media take-down. more »

Facebook hits 1 million active advertisers


Facebook now has one million active advertisers on the social network, according to a statement put out by the company. more »

Social media helps boost SME revenue


MYOB has released the results of a probe into the use of social media by small business owners. more »

Social media disasters


Some of the largest social media disasters made headlines around the world, but there are lessons to be learned. more »

Pinterest changes

Kate vanderVoort

Nothing happens more frequently in social media than changes to the way social platforms work. They change even more frequently than sports stars blurting out inappropriate comments and causing a ruckus. more »

How to make a killer LinkedIn profile


Unless you have had your head hidden in the sand for the past few years, I am sure you must be familiar with the importance of how a good LinkedIn profile represents you,
your business and your brand. more »

Getting more Facebook Likes


Getting people to like you is a concept that was around long before the internet – anyone that spent more than a couple of hours in the playground at school can tell you that. more »

LinkedIn Company Pages

Kate vanderVoort

So many businesses are fixated on Facebook (as some rightly should be) and yet they still don’t have a LinkedIn Company Page. more »

Do people lie on LinkedIn?


A new study conducted by recruitment firm Employment Office has found that 82% of those surveyed believe candidates lie about, or exaggerate, their skills and experience on their LinkedIn profiles. more »

Understanding is worth a pound of cure

Mark Pesce

As we become more connected we get bruised more frequently. One Sunday afternoon, my friend Derek went out in search of some fancy dress. more »

Finding new clients

Morris Kaplan

It’s tougher than ever for new client acquisition, which means you need to make the right choices when it comes to online marketing. more »

Google+ passes Twitter to become number 2 social network


A new report from Global Web Index has shown that Google+ has surpassed Twitter to become the second most active social network. more »

Playing with fire

Mark Pesce

At the end of October 2011, Qantas CEO Alan Joyce called a surprise news conference, announcing his decision to shut the airline down. more »

Twitter for business


When the internet began to get popular – and easy to access – around 1995, there were already many people working hard to figure out how to profit from it. more »

Story Bayou


Julie Laviolette wanted to help kids with reading, so she developed her own interactive storybook business called Story Bayou. more »

Getting started with LinkedIn


LinkedIn might not be as famous as other social networks, but your target market may already be there. more »

Running a Facebook competition


Giving things away for free can drum up interest in your Facebook page, but you need to do a little planning before clicking submit. more »

Social media guide


Just because you run a small business doesn’t mean you can’t have a big impact in the world of social media. more »

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