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Tax tips


More often than not, even the savviest startup is a little lacking with the need to keep financial records in order these days. more »

App: Tax Australia with BAS

cash flow

This app is designed to help individuals, sole traders and small businesses work out their tax obligations. more »

Taxing time ahead

Ashleigh Swayn

With the end of financial year looming, it’s time to look at some tax changes that will affect your business next year. more »

E-book: Fringe Benefits Tax


Fringe Benefits Tax might not be the most scintillating topic, but, if you run a business, you should read take a look at this e-book. more »

Fringe benefits tax – who pays for company cars?

Ashleigh Swayn new profile

March 31 spells the end of the FBT financial year, so there are a few things that you should have top of mind. more »

Mark Zuckerberg’s $2bn tax bill

Ashleigh Swayn

In light of the initial public offering on Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg’s potential personal tax liability is as much as $2 billion. more »

Top 5 financial mistakes startups make

top 5 financial mistakes start ups make_2

One of the biggest financial mistakes any new business can make is to focus too intently on the short term. more »

What do you want to tell the ATO?

Peter Strong, chairman of COSBOA

COSBOA would like to take your opinion on tax reform to the Federal Government’s taxation forum in October. more »

Carbon tax could hurt small business, COSBOA says

carbon tax small business

COSBOA has expressed concern that large businesses hit by the carbon tax will pass the costs onto smaller businesses. more »

Small business to be exempt from petrol carbon tax

petrol pricing exemptions

Julia Gillard has said over the weekend that small businesses and households will not have to pay a carbon tax on petrol. more »

Carbon tax drives down small business confidence in government, economy

Small business confidence in the government is at a 15-year low, owing largely to uncertainty over the emissions trading scheme. more »

App: Shoeboxed

shoeboxed app

Shoebox t provides users with a way of scanning and ordering receipts on their mobile device, so that they can be easily dialled up again come tax time. more »

Low income earners to get up to $35,000 extra super


Low income earners will have the tax on super contributions abolished under new guidelines. more »

Retailers call for $100 GST threshold

Online GST $100

The Australian National Retailers Association has called for the GST exemption to be lowered from $1,000 down to $100. more »

$1000 import gst exemption – small businesses are the real sufferers

Larry Bloch, CEO of Netregistry

In ancient times, being the bearer of bad tidings was a risky profession. Great leaders chose their messengers carefully. If the message was that bad, there was no need to use a highly ranked messenger, because everyone assumed that he would be killed upon delivery. A higher ranked messenger was worth using if the message could be spun – and these messengers survived and gained status by excelling at this task. In launching a campaign to overturn the tax loophole that exempts overseas internet purchases under $1000 from paying GST, … more »

Avoid scammers at tax time, SCAMwatch warns

Small businesses should keep on their toes at this time of year, as scammers are very active during the end of financial year, warns SCAMwatch. According to a statement from SCAMwatch, there is a range of various scams aimed at start-ups, including billing for advertising that has never been requested to overpayment scams and shonky investment opportunities. SCAMwatch provided some tips for businesses during tax time to avoid being conned. Protect your business. Limit who has authority to buy or order anything and keep written records of all orders and … more »

Ask Bernard: tax time

Is there a business issue that has you tearing your hair — or tearing up your business plan? Then ask Bernard, chief operating officer of the Local Business Banking team at the Commonwealth Bank. content provided by commonwealth bank of australia Q1: How do I make tax time less taxing? No matter how much time I spend on record keeping, tax time always seems to be an ordeal. What can I do to make it easier? A: As an entrepreneur, it’s not surprising that receipts and record keeping are not … more »

Are offshore tax havens worth it?

Are offshore tax havens worth it?

If your business partner suggests a trip to the Cayman Islands, pack for the weather, but keep your bank cards close. Marguerite McKinnon explores the tax havens of the filthy rich, and asks whether SMEs should get a slice, too. When Christopher Columbus discovered the Cayman Islands in May of 1503, he could never have imagined that this hurricane-prone pod of islands would become the world’s fifth largest banking centre. The world’s love affair with offshore accounts is a $US7 trillion business – and it’s mostly businesses who shuffle gazillions … more »

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