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Setting up a network


Your internet connection is often taken for granted until the moment it goes down, but you can avoid this sticky situation. more »

VoIP for small business


It is rare that the concept of an internet-based telephone is a head-scratcher for business owners… more »

10,400 locations connected to NBN fibre


The National Broadband Network (NBN) now has 10,400 active business and home users with fibre connections. more »

Choosing a printer


When the cost of ink cartridges, toner, paper and electricity can make you cringe, it’s worth taking the time to choose the right printer. more »

Bring your own technology

Ashleigh Swayn

You can hardly fail to notice the profusion of tablet devices hitting the market just in time for Christmas. more »

Technology and people

Morris Kaplan

As a business journalist, I covered literally hundreds of entrepreneurs at different stages of their evolution. more »

Case Study – ChemMart Pharmacy


As owner of the first business in Australia to be connected to the NBN, Stephen Love has seen the good and the bad of the new project better than anybody. more »

Do you need the NBN?


Far away from the furious political debate, Australia’s biggest ever civil infrastructure project is already helping real small businesses. more »

App: Penultimate

Penultimate app

Penultimate is a note-taking app that allows the user to write and sketch with their touchscreen as if it were a notepad. more »

Video: Web design tips

Video: Web design tips

This video provides sound design advice for business owners new to the web, as well as those just starting up online. more »

Targeting vertical markets

Catriona Pollard

Vertical markets are an effective place to target because you are speaking directly to a niche audience. more »

Wireless is more

Wireless is more

Going wireless is a good way to cut down on office cabling, though there are a few security issues to consider. more »

App: Bump

bump app logo

Bump enables users to create a business card on their phone by filling out a series of fields. They can then trade cards with others by ‘bumping’ their phones together. more »

App: Tape-A-Talk


Tape-A-Talk is an exceptionally good app for Android that turns your phone into a dictaphone, so that none of the detail is lost. more »

How to build your own website

how to build your own website

CMSs like WordPress have given those with little experience the ability to create business websites cheaply and easily. more »

Closing the sale

Mark Pesce

Every business must have a mobile presence, because that’s where all of your customers are going to be. more »

Video: Information Architecture Basics

web architecture

This video takes viewers through the basics of information architecture and outlines why it’s in the user’s interest to avoid complexity. more »

Web design: what are your options?

Web design basics

There are a number of ways to create a website, and the most common of them needn’t cost you the earth. more »

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