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Video: Web design tips

Video: Web design tips

This video provides sound design advice for business owners new to the web, as well as those just starting up online. more »

Video: Business Facebook Page Do’s and Don’ts


This video provides the viewer with a concise list of things that businesses should avoid when using Facebook. more »

Video: Interview with Tamas Locher of LOOKK

Video Lookk profile

This is a video interview with Tamas Locher, founder and CEO of LOOKK, a social media network for fashion designers. more »

Defying the law of brevity

Robert Moorman

Defying the law of brevity; how to make your marketing messages short and snappy and still get the message across. more »

Using serial videos to market your business

Robert Moorman

The goal of video for business is to create a connection, because trust is a prerequisite for doing any business. more »

Video: WordPress Tutorial for Beginners

WordPress Logo

This video provides a detailed outline of the very first steps in the process of creating a website with WordPress, from installing WordPress to choosing and installing a theme. more »

Video: How to optimise images for the web


This shows how to reduce the size of images (without compromising their quality) to improve your website’s loading speed. more »

How to optimise a video for search

Robert Moorman

So, you’ve spent thousands of dollars on a professional online video for your business. But – shock horror: nothing happens! more »

Video: elevator pitch

social seo

This is a recording of a panel discussion between experienced investors on what they look for in an elevator pitch. more »

Video: how to create a podcast


This video, put together by, takes viewers through the absolute basics of piecing together a marketing podcast. more »

Video: Labor’s carbon tax is bad for small business

carbon tax

In this video, the Australian’s Jennifer Hewitt considers how small businesses are likely to react to the introduction of Labor’s carbon tax. more »

A YouTube channel: is it worth the trouble?

Robert Moorman

In today’s media-saturated world, having a YouTube channel that can connect with an audience of millions is a great idea. more »

Client testimonial videos: how to get results

Robert Moorman

Social proof, like client testimonial videos, offers an amazing opportunity to grow your brand in a credible and authentic way. more »

Video: Google Local search tips

video google local search tips

SEO guru Jim Stewart has taken to posting SEO video breakdowns of sites submitted by his YouTube viewers. more »

Video: create a sitemap

video create a sitemap

This video shows why it’s important to for a website to have a sitemap, and how to create one. more »

Online video as an SEO tool

Robert Moorman

A solid SEO strategy will see you rank higher on the major search engines, bringing in more viewers to connect with. more »

No second chance for a first impression

Robert Moorman

Businesses able to communicate and present well with online video have a huge advantage over those that can’t. more »

Video: local and mobile search marketing

video local and mobile marketing

Oneupweb puts together a video to discuss possibilities of location-based marketing, and how businesses can prepare for them. more »

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