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Five reasons to revamp your website

Content provided by Netregistry.

Rebuilding your website from the ground up can be a daunting task. Looking at new designs, health writing new content, thinking about website structure and sourcing new images can all take a lot of time and money. So instead of re-building your website, revamping your current site might be the way to go.

1. Quick turnaround

By utilising the basic structure and content of an existing website, you can achieve a new look and feel for your site in a very short amount of time. Website designers can work with the current content and website structure to easily re-style what you already have. There is no need for designers or developers to wait on you for website content or images, meaning you can have a fresh new website in only a fraction of the time.

2. Custom designed

Just because you have an existing website already populated with content and images, all displayed in a certain layout and structure, doesn’t mean a team of professional designers can’t re-work what’s there. A talented designer can work with your existing website, including sourcing new images, revamping the layout, and re-styling the look to create custom designed mock-ups that suit your company’s branding and personality.

3. New graphics, styles and layout updates

Sometimes all it takes to breathe some new life into your website is some new graphics, styles or a simple layout update. By avoiding a complete website rebuild you can also sidestep the arduous tasks of content writing and website architecture – this means you can have a fresh new website without taking the focus away from running your business on a daily basis.

4. Lower initial cost

Many businesses have already invested a lot of time and money into building a website – it doesn’t make sense for them to completely start again when the website begins to tire. A contemporary face lift of your current website is often a better investment for your business. Re-doing your existing website involves a lower initial cost for what can often result in a website that matches or surpasses what would happen with a complete website rebuild.

5. Increase conversion rate and ROI

The initial up-front cost of refreshing your website is lower than a complete rebuild. Couple this with an increased conversion of website visitors to customers and your new website will be making more money for your business.

If your business website is in need of a new look, Netregistry’s Site Refresh is a cost-effective solution. Call Netregistry on 1300 638 734 to speak to on of our consultants today.

  1. scarpe neonato hogan says:

    Of course, eBay isn’t the only company with a set of skills and technologies to help retailers figure out how to serve customers better. Google has a mobile payments platform and search tools, and it wouldn’t be a big stretch for the tech giant to build and manage retailers’ websites if it really wanted to do so. A handful of upstarts, including Shopkick and Perka, are working with big retailers to drive traffic to stores. And then there’s Amazon. “Amazon has assembled all the tools that, if they ever opened them up to retailers, would be big competition for eBay,” McComb muses. “But they’ll never do that.”
    scarpe neonato hogan

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