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Five steps to securing a domain name

Domain names are the addresses you type into your browser to visit particular websites. Choosing the right domain name for your website may be one of the most important choices you make.

Name choice

The best advice for choosing domains is research. See what users like and what they use to search for your service. Test out a few names and see what works best with your company’s branding and message. Think about originality, hospital searchability and how memorable the name is.


When choosing domains, the first instinct is to simply look up your business name and grab it. Yet, with millions of domains registered around the world, many business owners may find their ideal domain name has already been taken. If the domain is unavailable you have a number of options, such as purchasing the name with a different extension. Alternatively you can choose a different name or use the ‘WhoIs’ search to find the owner and see if they are willing to transfer.

Managing your domain

Once you’ve purchased a domain, it’s important to monitor when it expires as you will need to renew them. One fundamental factor to ensure is that the details you use to register are up-to-date. It is not unheard of for a business to lose their domains completely when they expire because the details used to register them are no longer correct. Control of a domain is not based on whose credit card was used, or who is the boss of the company. Control is dictated by the details attached to the account.

Multiple names

You may never use these additional domains or you may choose to redirect them to your website, but by registering multiple domains, you protect your brand from others deliberately or accidentally grabbing them and creating confusion. Many business owners make the mistake of purchasing just a single domain name, proving costly for their company in the long run. Aside from protecting against competitor activity, registering and using multiple domains names is great for building your business and creating a dynamic online personality.

Redirecting your domain

Once you have your name registered, most people will want to point their domain name to another web address. This allows you to present a more professional domain to your customers. This means that when customers type into their web browser, they don’t see the ugly web address provided by your service provider. Instead of seeing, they see your professional and carefully chosen domain name.

Netregistry offers great value domain name registrations. Plus with a range of great features from free transfers, renewal notifications and 24×7 Australian based support you can control of your websites name from the very start.

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